How To Write An About Us Page?

If you own a domain, creating an “about us” page is important. These pages are designed to inform visitors about the purpose of the website.

For businesses, this allows the owners to tell their stories and share their passion.

Though these pages are vital, it can be very difficult to write an “about us” page.

About Us Page

This is because you have to summarize the history and aims of a company. This adds a human element to otherwise impersonal websites. Essentially, they let you tell your story.

These pages tend to be small but sweet. Therefore, you might struggle to determine what information is needed.

To help you perfect the “about us” page, we have a complete writing guide.

How to Write an About Us Page?

Determine The Goal Of The Site

On the about us page, you must establish what your goals are. While you likely have several aims and objectives, you should summarize the main aspects of your goals on this page.

What are you hoping to achieve with this website? This page should provide an answer.

Show What Makes Your Business Unique

With so many websites out there, it can be hard to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Yet, if you wish to develop a large following, you will need something that makes your business seem unique. This might be referred to as a unique selling point (USP).

This selling point is designed to set you apart from your rivals. Just make sure that you include this on the about us page. 

Share Your Story

The about us page is an outstanding option for sharing your story. These stories provide a human touch to your website. This stops a business from seeming impersonal.

Even the smallest of businesses have an important story to tell. You can use this page to tell viewers about how the business started.

Moreover, you can also write about any achievements the company has acquired.

By sharing your story, you give a sense of transparency to the website.

Furthermore, writing about the history of the business is a great way of mentioning any awards you have won or any major clients you’ve had.

Include Pictures

Experience has found that the best websites combine pictures with text.

This is because they work together to break down the information, thus making it more manageable. The about us page is no different.

Ideally, you should include pictures of the website’s founders and important people within the business.

These faces further add human elements to the website. These human faces can also make websites seem more friendly and welcoming.

Send the Customer Somewhere Else

Send the Customer Somewhere Else

Links are useful for any website. They allow you to direct your customers wherever you want.

For instance, you can send them to one of your best articles or one of your most popular products.

An about us page may also contain links. This will keep customers on your website. When including these links, be sure to get the right balance between subtlety and noticeability.

You don’t want to overwhelm the reader with links, but you also don’t want them to miss the links.

Mention Your Core Values

Core values are a set of principles shared by a business. These can include passion, honesty, and loyalty.

If you include a list of your core values on the website, then you can establish yourself as an ethical business.

Just make sure that you are not too preachy when mentioning these core values, as this can come across as a little self-indulgent.

Make It Visually Appealing

Though it is important to make your page well-written, it must also be visually appealing. Otherwise, readers will be reluctant to spend more time on your site.

As a result, you should include lots of appealing pictures and an easy-to-read page layout.

It is also recommended that you include branding relating to your business. For example, the about us page should feature your logo.

You might also want to include any colors accosted with your brand. For instance, if orange and blue are the main colors of your brand, feature them on this page.

What Is The Point Of The About Us Page?

This is a vital part of the website. It performs several functions, including:

  • They are methods of marketing yourself.
  • You can set the goals and aims of your business.
  • They are great for anyone interested in the company.
  • Attracting new customers.
  • About us pages give the website a sense of personality and history.
  • They allow you to brag about your achievements (humbly).

About us pages are extremely useful, so it is important that you get them right. Luckily, these tips will ensure that your page is informative and interesting, thus drawing customers to your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an About Us Page?

Technically, these pages are not required. However, it is a good idea to have one of these pages.

This is because they allow your audience to connect with the website and your brand.

How Long Should An About Us Page Be?

The page can be as long as you want. Most website owners include approximately 250 words of text on these pages.

Of course, if you have more to say, then you can have a longer page.

How Should I Start Writing An About Us Page?

Before starting, we recommend that you spend some time thinking about what will be included.

Then, you can progress to thinking about the structure. Once you have decided this, you can start writing the page.

Many people start by describing the history of their business, so if you are struggling to decide where to begin then this will be a suitable option.

Final Thoughts

Creating a website can be tough, especially if you are a new or small business. There are so many elements that you have to consider, including the about us page.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to create an informative and welcoming about us page that will draw readers to your site.

Justin Shaw