AI For Content Marketing Optimization, How Does It Work?

Many companies are choosing to use artificial intelligence for a variety of SEO tasks including optimization of content.

Previously, smaller businesses needed to use manual means to optimize each piece of content. This was incredibly monotonous and time-consuming.

AI for Content Marketing Optimization, How Does It Work?

However, this is a thing of the past as companies can now use technology like AI in order to automate the manualized elements involved in content optimization. 

Using AI removes the hassle of checking each detail extensively and optimizing content manually, scouring for manual errors.

Within this post, we will see how optimizing your content will improve your overall rankings. 

What Is SEO Content Optimization?

This is a strategy that can be used in order to help publishers of websites improve their overall content by making it far more relevant to their individual queries.

Optimizing your content in this manner will ensure that key search engines like Google are able to correctly interpret your content. 

What Is AI Optimization?

To summarize, AI optimization is using AI in order to help you create better content. This content is far likelier to rank higher within seraph engine results.

The vast majority of content optimization software will use machine learning algorithms in order to fully optimize content.

The main goal is to ensure that content remains relevant and search-friendly. 

Four Stages Of Optimization Using AI

  1. Content Discovery – Ensure that you fully understand the specific type of content that you wish to create. Content discovery is the initial step as it will help you to ascertain what kind of content will deliver the best results. Content discovery also includes quick marketing wins, keyword research, intent detection, competitor analysis, and working out which type of content will rank the highest. AI can also be used to run audits and identify gaps in the market to obtain the highest topical authority. 
  2. Content Creation – This is defined as the creation of new content that is based on the audit. You can create newer content without being overwhelmed when you are using AI for blog writing. This will help you to write posts faster and produce better quality work without becoming overwhelmed by the details. This stage has involved creating high quality content that is based on the research undertaken in the discovery stage. 
  3. AI Content Optimization – This enables you to optimize your content for key search engines. After you have created your content, you will need to optimize it for search engines by using a tool known as a content optimisation tool. This optimization will occur during the creation stage if you are creating newer content and independently if you are just updating content. The vast majority of AI software will automatically create optimized content. The vast majority of software will suggest links, keywords, topics, and other factors that will help to enhance the overall search rankings of the content. This will help to improve the overall search rankings of the website itself. 
  4. Content Promotion – This is the process of promoting content after you have published it. Content marketing and promoting is a vital process that has just as much importance as content creation. You will need to ensure that your content reaches as many readers as possible and this use of AI enhances this capability by simplifying the process of marketing and using influencer outreach. 

Each stage is crucial in order to create a beneficial SEO strategy.

Therefore, using AI will undoubtedly help you to save an abundance of money and time whilst achieving the highest results.

If you choose not to use AI in order to enhance your SEO, you will be missing out on a massive opportunity for growth. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using AI For Optimization?

  • Avoidance Of Manual Errors – Errors that occur manually may result in SEO mistakes that are incredibly costly. These errors may include using the wrong keywords or conclusions and not using enough of a specific keyword. Other errors include not writing on the right topics. By using AI, you will avoid the potential for manual errors to occur whenever your content is optimized.
  • Informs The Strategy Of Your Content – AI will provide you with more enhanced insights that can influence and advance your content strategy. For instance, it will help you to understand which topics you are likely to rank the highest for.
  • Saves You Time – One of the clearest benefits of using AI for content optimization is that It will save you an abundance of money and time. This is specifically beneficial to any smaller businesses that do not have a vast amount of resources available for optimization. In this sense, using AI is beneficial in order to automate a vast amount of manual work that is required to optimize your content. This includes key tasks like topic generation. Keyword research, and content promotion.
  • Improves Overall SEO – As you create content that is far more enhanced, targeted and relevant to your topic, you will boost the ranking of your website within the relevant search engines.
  • Incredibly Cost-Effective – Creating good content will not be cheap. This is because in order to create content manually, you will require freelancers in order to research and write the relevant content, alongside an editor and an internal design team. Therefore, using artificial intelligence removes the need to have as many extensive resources for copywriting.

Overall, using AI in order to create fresh, optimized content makes it far more affordable for smaller businesses to enhance their SEO, ensuring that they are able to rank far higher on google.

AI for Content Marketing Optimization, How Does It Work?

What Should I Bear In Mind When I Am Using AI?

Whilst using AI is undoubtedly beneficial, there are a number of things to consider when you are using AI to optimize content.

Firstly, you should ensure that you are using an AI tool with a good reputation.

There are many AI tools available to purchase, however, not all of them are great to use.

Numerous content creators will market themselves as AI writers, however, they tend to create incredibly low-quality content that may result in google penalties. 

Therefore, you should engage in extensive research in order to find the right tool that works for your interests.

Crucially, you should ensure that you are aware of the limitations of AI also. Whilst these tools are great to use, they will not solve all of your SEO troubles.

Thus, it is important to use artificial intelligence in order to supplement and support any existing strategy that you have implemented. 

You should also ensure that you are more than willing to put in the work. Whilst AI will save you an abundance of time, it is not a one-press solution.

You will need to fact-check the content, edit it correctly and use a plethora of critical skills in order to create the highest quality content that will ensure that you are ranking high. 

AI Vs. Humans: What Is Better?

Irrespective of the growing acceptance of advanced technology, there are still many people who are hesitant about using AI.

This is because many fear that AI will eventually replace human labor and some experts state that AI will be able to complete all intellectual tasks that humans can do by 2050.

Other people state that using a combination of humans and Ai is the best way forward. 

How Do I Adopt An AI Strategy?

Whilst many people see incorporating AI into your business as a daunting task, it doesn’t need to be.

The vast majority of platforms are competently structured with this hesitancy in mind.

As opposed to using advanced technological language, most Ai programs will use simplistic introductions in order to ease you into using the tool.

In this scene, user-friendly designs will enable newer users to feel confident in using AI without feeling lost in the process.

If you are newer to using Ai, then you should ask for a trial run or demonstration from the software company that you are researching in order to ensure that you fully understand how to use the software.

For instance, if you are looking to use AI in order to run email campaigns, then you should be able to test a variety of tools prior to purchasing this software.

Doing this will ensure that you will become more comfortable at producing content that is generated using AI and you will also be able to note which AI tools will enhance your specific needs. 

An additional means of experimenting is to give both manual and Ai tasks to individual employees and compare the results.

This is not to increase competition amongst colleagues but to enhance their overall productivity and workflow. 


To conclude, using artificial intelligence to optimize content is a brilliant way to enhance your overall SEO strategy.

This is because it will help you to save an abundance of time whilst avoiding manual errors and generating fresh ideas for content.

Justin Shaw