What Is Outreach?

Outreach is a very significant factor within the world of SEO, and will increase with importance as time goes on.

With Google’s algorithm changing all the time, and shifting SEO guidelines in the process, businesses should make the most of outreach so that they can be noticed online.

What Is Outreach

However, current outreach strategies are fairly young, making SEO outreach a tricky topic to understand. If you’re wondering what outreach is, we’ll cover the answer in this article. 

You’ll learn what outreach SEO is, why it’s so important, and what the outreach process involves. We’ll also get into the advantages and disadvantages of outreach SEO so you can understand the topic better. 

Outreach SEO – The Basics

Outreach SEO is a strategy that generates trustworthy links from other websites that link back to the company’s site. This is an important component of online marketing, so if it isn’t done correctly, SEO outreach can impede the fate of your SEO plan. 

Backlinks aid in increasing a company’s organic ranking. These new links also showcase the company to a new audience and also have the possibility to attract referral and organic traffic to the company’s site.

Organic traffic is website visitors from unpaid sources, while referral traffic involves website visitors that come from other websites, without searching for you in a search engine.

When outreach SEO is done successfully, it can increase your company’s credibility and brand awareness. The new links are sourced from trustworthy websites called authority sites. 

The SEO department’s job is to persuade authoritative website publishers to share the business’s links through their content, or just say something positive about your company.

This means that their audience becomes potential customers of your business. 

Significant Elements Of Outreach SEO


The selected publisher needs to be related to your business. The content displayed on the off-site page where the backlinks are made needs to be beneficial to the target audience, connected to whatever the business does. 

The publisher should always draw in audience members that will potentially be interested in the company carrying out the outreach strategy. 

Valuable Content

The content posted needs to be of high quality to increase the chances of publishers taking an interest. Valuable content should also be connected to the product or service that your company is promoting.

Some publishers might look at your company’s individual value proposals too. 

Creative Content

High-quality content is always necessary, but link building also requires greater imagination to draw in worthy publishers.

Businesses in your niche will also compete for your content audience, so you need to work out how to stand out amongst the competition. 

You might need to use unorthodox, but legitimate methods to obtain these backlinks, such as using broken links, for instance. 

The Outreach SEO Process

An SEO outreach plan needs to cover significant stages so it has the maximum impact. Some of these include developing quality content, selecting relevant and reliable publishers, and using ethical link-building techniques.

You should also be ready to discuss with the selected publishers and review the plan at its various stages. 

There are also technical elements that also influence the success of an outreach plan, but these will also require the team’s creativity level, the selection of publishers, and the trustworthy links that the SEO team creates. 

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Here are the main components involved in an SEO Outreach strategy:

Link Building Procedures

You will need to understand what good and bad links are. This assessment is made by search engine benchmarks. 

Posting on Google means that the SEO team needs to measure a link using specific metrics, including the relevance of the landing page and publisher’s website, the website’s trust level, linking customs, and diversity.  

Awareness Of The Target Market

Creative and technical input is necessary to establish who the target audience is and what type of content they will interact with. SEO outreach needs to be effective, so the team needs to focus on understanding the target audience properly. 

This will make it easier to narrow down the publishers they can speak to about content. Efficient targeting will increase the chances of publishers accepting your proposal. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outreach SEO


  • Google search algorithm still views backlinks as a relevant ranking determiner.


  • A lot of online content makes outreach experts spend a lot of time finding beneficial, relevant publishers. 
  • Expensive to implement

Developing Content

Other than creating original, quality content, you need to keep posting regularly. This will make your website seem resourceful and trustworthy, increasing your chances of ranking higher within a search engine. 

Aim to create relevant, quality content to improve your website’s authority. This will ensure Google’s algorithm views the site as authentic and trustworthy, ranking it higher within the search engine.  

Despite this, remember that your content shouldn’t just be optimized for Google, it needs to be understood by your target audience too.

You need to strike a balance between content that improves your search engine position, and content that delivers your message to real people. 

Newer algorithms now promote content that appeals to people, so try to write from your business’s viewpoint, and don’t name any other competitors. 

Your connection with publishers also matters, so make your messages to them as personal as possible. There’s a greater chance that publishers will open and reply to pitches that they find engaging.

The SEO team should also plan a tactical follow-up after sending their pitches out. 

The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve covered what outreach is, hopefully, you understand how important it is within SEO. A successful SEO strategy needs backlinks, along with effective keyword research and quality content.

The content also needs to be based on the chosen keywords and optimized for user engagement.

All of these features matter equally in an outreach plan. Your content might contain all of the right keywords, but without any off-site pages that link back to your website, you’ll struggle to generate traffic. 

Justin Shaw