About Us

Gshiftlabs.com started life as an innovative company that provided SEO for non-SEO's.

GshiftLabs.com patented a software called Web Presence Optimizer™ (WPO), it simplified and standardized the way websites got found on the Internet.

Gshiftlabs.com was the winner of many prestigious awards including Digital Media Category At 2010 CIX Awards And Best New Start Up From York Technology Alliance Leadership Awards & made PROFIT HOT 50 (Canada’s hottest Start-ups).

Fast forward to today Charlie Hardcastle is the new owner and CEO of Gshiftlabs.com & has big plans on using this platform to help entrepreneurs & businesses alike. Charlie has spent his entire life as an entrepreneur, building brick & mortar businesses then turning them into digital powerhouses. His latest venture Gshiftlabs.com helps people and businesses to Go Digital with their current knowledge base – no previous experience required!

Drawing on his own experiences, Charlie has created a platform that demystifies the digital online world of business and marketing. This platform shows how anyone can learn to create their very own Digital business & make money online.