How To make Money Online for Beginners (Fast-Start Guide)

Key Takeaways:

  • If you're a beginner start with easy: Online surveys & Market Research

  • Sell new & used items on sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp

  • Offer your services online at Fiverr & Upwork

  • Become a virtual assistant at an established VA (virtual Assistant) firm

  • Rent out what you own (House, Car, Bicycle, Pool, Yard, RV, Kitchen)

  • The truth about making money online for beginners- Making money online is a legitimate way to make a living, creating a lucrative business takes time.

  • Start a YouTube Channel what to expect

  • Graphic and Web Design-Even simple skills can make money

  • Start an E-Commerce Business Model-What works & what works over time

  • Start a Blog- Great model that takes time & sweat equity

  • Dropshipping- Legit online busines, need SEO to drive traffic

  • Launch a Product Online- Need to develop SEO skills & online marketing

  • Article writing- Work for an established shop, then go out on your own

  • Selling Online Courses- Develop a course then sell on popular platforms

  • Reality of Creating an Online Business (Tutorial)

What Are Digital Marketing Impressions?

Online Surveys & Market Research

There are a lot of ways to make money online if you’re looking for some easy tasks that will help you bank a few dollars. One way is taking surveys from companies who want market research insights into their products, services and advertising campaigns, so they can better understand what people like.

There are a lot of scams out there so please be warry of Survey Companies that promise large sums of money online for beginners. steps at first then we will make it rain!

Here are some legit companies we recommend:

Branded Survey :Branded Surveys used to be called Mint Vine and now provides market research for companies like Fortune 500 firms. Members can earn points by taking surveys which they then redeem for cash, gift cards, or donation to a favorite charity.

Inbox Dollars: Inbox Dollars is a unique and innovative way for members to earn cash rewards by completing everyday tasks like reading emails or taking paid surveys, trying new apps and even playing games. In addition, you can influence future product releases through promos & contests which offer opportunities at winnings.

This platform offers many easy ways of making money fast like testing a successful mobile App or testing digital products & watching YouTube videos.

Survey Junkie :Survey Junkie has a few different ways to make money online for beginners, you can take surveys, or stream video games. They offer opportunities to join in activities that involve behavioral market research companies & test websites.

Sell new and used products

Before you start looking for a gig that will fund your Lambo purchase, you need to chill for a moment. Remember...we're going for easy, fast-cash, no money invested, just your time, effort & an internet connection...Capeesh?

Most think Amazon, Ebay or Bonanza or Social Media accounts....that's for later when you have time & money and are ready for more passive income strategies. If you have time & money to invest then jump down to the sections that get into some extra cash!

The best way to start making money online for beginners is to sell locally using online platforms, were talking Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp etc. These platforms are free to join and don't charge up-front fees, depending on which service you sign up for.

Key takeaways for this type of online selling is this: "You will have to speak with people, negotiate & at some point meet with them to give them what you sold them". This type of online selling is really a hybrid model, you market & sell online & typically the buyer picks up the item at an agreed location.

Join the Gig Economy by Hiring Yourself Out on Fiverr

Fiverr is selling your services online, paying gigs start at $5 and go up...way up from there depending on your skill level. Not sure Fiverr is a good fit, search Fiverr Here & look at the large variety of job postings, if you have any online skills to sell you will find them there.

If Fiverr is a potential fit, follow their get-started info & create an attention-getting profile so potential buyers will click & buy. The platform ensures companies pay for your services, this helps remove the danger of getting scammed.

Virtual assistant

Starting your own website & offering to be a virtual assistant sounds great right? Wrong! One thing newbies get wrong is how difficult it is to be found. If you search anything online there are hundreds of thousands of potential answers to that search inquiry.

Hooking up with a legitimate virtual assistant platform (they get the traffic), will help you focus on making money online without recreating the wheel. You can start out with simple tasks, think data entry or creating an affiliate link.

Virtual is a reality for many nomads mainly because of technology. One of our clients owns a yacht that provides WIFI via Starlink, a satellite internet provider (Source).

Top virtual Assistant Platforms Are:

  1. Fancy Hands: Fancyhands focuses primarily on smaller tasks that take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to complete. While seasoned virtual assistants may not benefit from this site, it’s a great place for beginners to dip their toes in the water and gain experience.
  2. This website is the one-stop shop for virtual assistants, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced VA. With tons of free resources and education, it’s the perfect place to learn the ins and outs of virtual assisting, networking with employers and other VAs, and finding work.
  3. Upwork: As one of the largest freelance marketplaces out there, Upwork has virtual assistant jobs for all experience levels. To find a position, you’ll bid on proposals, and Upwork will take 10% of any payments you receive. But over time, with positive reviews and consistent work, you can build a name for yourself on the platform.

Rent Out What You have Using Apps

Here us out, everyone has heard of the home rental App Airbnb which may not fit your situation but there are far more. Take a look at this list & download money making apps.

Airbnb, VRBO, Popular platforms for renting a single room to an entire apartment or home.

Outdoorsy- Rental platform for renting out your RV.

Turo- Rent out your car or other vehicles, this platform allows you to create an account where you show pics of your ride. Renters book your vehicle & you get paid, we know of entrepreneur's that have created entire fleets of vehicles to rent out on Turo.

Spinlister- Don't have a car to rent, how about a bike? This is a legit site that helps match bicycle owners with people that want to bike. bike renters in popular biking areas make $30 to $200 a week.

Shared Earth- Have land? This App is a cooperative gardening community that matches green-thumbs with land owners willing to provide the space.

Cozy Meal- Don't want t rent out your entire house but willing to give up your kitchen? Cozymeal lets you do just that.

Swimply- This nifty App helps you make money from renting out your pool online, the best part is that you don't have to be home.

Sniffspot- Have a yard where dog owners can let their pups run free, then this may be the online money maker for you? You rent your yard out by the hour, some renters are making upwords of $1,500 a month!

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

Online Tutoring

  • If you have teachable skills that you can teach online, pairing up with the best online tutoring platforms & becoming an online tutor may be for you. Each platform specializes in specific types of subjects, check them out, sign up & start making money online by teaching.

    Here's a list of our favorites:

    1. Brainfuse- Best for College students

    1. Studypool- Best for general help

    2. TutorMe - Best for College Prep

    3. PrepNow Tutoring - Best for high school test prep

    4. Skooli - Language tutoring

    5. VIPKid - English tutoring

  • How to Make Money Online for Beginners and Make $100 a Day Online

    So far we've covered easy ways to make money online for beginners, how much depends on which route you choose & how much time & effort you put in. I know people using the Apps & sites that we have laid out, me being one of them. I personally have used the home rental Apps & they have netted me 6 figures...this stuff works!

    Now lets get into the bigger money plays, typically more money online for beginners means you have to invest money & time before you see any money online working.

    We really want to help so some tough love is in order, thinking you will become an influencer & make a million bucks is a pipe-dream. Do people become influencers & make money online? in a million do, here's a great example.

    A popular online influencer with over a million subs (subscribers), tried selling T-shirts & made a whopping $35! Yes she was tik-Tok famous but that fame only made her enough money to buy dinner.

    Heard of Adam Enfroy? He teaches a blogging course & makes over $300K a month selling affiliate offers on his blog...$300k! The point I'm trying to make is this, "There are no short, easy ways to make money online but there are legitimate ways to build huge businesses by selling courses online".

    financial freedom, online surveys, paid affiliate program sites are all possible money makers if you do it right.

    Create a YouTube Channel

    A popular method to earn money online for beginners is to launch a YouTube channel. Keep in mind this is not an overnight money-maker like taking a survey & getting paid. Creating a YouTube channel that actually gets views & subscribers is a business model that can yield high rewards if done right.

    Want to learn how to make money online for beginners with a YouTube channel, watch a top YT Pro like Nick Nimmin, he's one of our favorite sources for everything YouTube.

    How To Improve Your YouTube Rankings

    Graphic and Web Design

    Graphic designers have a competitive job market, but there's never been an easier way to stand out from other professionals. With Fiverr or Upwork, you can create an impressive profile with links to your work & get clients willing to pay top dollar.

    Creating your own online store for your services is something we recommend but it's not step one. Creating a beautiful & engaging site is great but the hard part is driving traffic to that site.

    Jumping on platforms like Fiverr & Upwork give you credibility & hundreds of thousands of people search those platforms daily.

    Start an ECommerce business

    Online shops are the way to go for anyone who wants freedom and flexibility in their business. It's an easy, cost-effective method of digital marketing your products or's your own business. Easiest entry into this biz are free Ecommerce platforms, below are some of the best.

    1. Square Online - Good but not unlimited

    2. Wix - Free trial for a few weeks, get you feet wet for free.

    3. WooCommerce - Best free E-commerce software

    Find a Niche and Start a blog

  • Blogging is a great way to start making money online. You can monetize your blog through advertising networks like Ezoic, which promotes Ads on your site.

    The other main way to monetize (make money), besides Ads are Affiliate sales. My personal favorite is Affiliate sales because you act as the middle-man between the buyer & the seller, no talking to buyers, no taking money, no orders to ship.

    You get a link that you insert on your blog, when someone clicks that link or buys get paid!

    You write articles & add stock photos for interest, you can even sell stock photos. My point is you need to get creative to earn passive income, even taking online surveys will make you a few hundred dollars.

  • Start a Drop-Shipping Business

  • What is drop shipping? Drop shipping is an online business model in which ecommerce entrepreneurs sell products without carrying any inventory.

    When a store owner receives an order from a customer, they simply contact the supplier, who will then ship the products directly to the customer’s doorsteps.

    This allows store owners to run their businesses without any of the hassle or expense of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

    So, how does drop shipping make money? Drop shipping businesses make money by marking up the prices of products they purchase from suppliers. For example, let’s say you find a drop shipping supplier who is willing to sell you a product for $10. You can then list that same product on your own store for $20 and keep the $10 difference as your profit. Of course, you’ll also need to factor in other costs like shipping and marketing, but this is just a basic example of how drop shipping businesses make money.

  • AI for Content Marketing Optimization, How Does It Work?

    Launch a physical product and grow a tiny retail empire

    Anyone with a great idea for a product can create and sell it online. But it takes more than just a great product to find success–you also need to know how to market your business and reach potential customers. Fortunately, the internet provides plenty of opportunities for promoting your creation and connecting with buyers.

    To create a product to sell online, you first need to determine what process will work best for you. If you’re creating a physical product, you’ll need to set up a manufacturing or production process. If you’re creating a digital product, you’ll need to design and develop your software. Once you have a final product, you can create an online shop to sell it.

    There are several different ways that online shops make money. The most common is through selling products or services directly to customers. Other ways include charging for memberships, advertisements, and subscription fees. Whichever method you choose, be sure to set up your shop in a way that makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and create a smooth checkout process.

    With some thinking and marketing savvy, anyone can make and sell a product online.

    Article Writing

    Other articles will say "write on a topic you like and pitch it to an editor". This advice is like playing darts in the dark...good luck with that! here's the smart way to get started writing: 

    Advertise your writing expertise on sites like Fiverr & Upwork.

    Freelance Writers Den - Paid membership community with a job board.

    Flex Jobs - Top board for freelance writer online.

    Solidgigs- They aggregate the kind of gig you want & send you an email each week

    If you're looking to make some extra money by writing articles online, there are a few things you need to know. First, there are a variety of different sites that offer paid writing opportunities.

    Selling Online Courses

    Creating, writing and selling an online course can be a great way to make some extra money, or even create a full-time income. Here are a few tips to get you started:

    1. Figure out what you want to teach. What are you passionate about? What do you have expertise in? Consider what people would be willing to pay for.

    2. Create your course content. This can include text, videos, audio recordings, or anything else that will help your students learn. Make sure it is high-quality and engaging.

    3. Decide how you will deliver your course. There are many platforms you can use, such as Udemy or Skillshare. Choose one that is easy to use and has all the features you need.

    4. Promote your course. Use social media, email marketing, or paid advertising to reach potential students, search engine optimization is a must. Make sure they know what they will learn and why your course is the best option for them.

    5. Price your course competitively. Take into account the time and effort you put into creating it, as well as the value it will provide to students.

    6. Offer discounts or bonuses to encourage people to enroll. This could include a discounted price for early birds, or a freebie for signing up before a certain date.

    7. Create sales pages and landing pages 8 track your progress and adjust accordingly following these tips will help you create, write and sell an online course that is successful and profitable!

    How To Get Paid For Blogging

    The reality of creating a business online (Truth & Hacks)

    I've personally started over half a dozen different types of businesses, everything from landscaping companies to flipping houses, mortgage companies to dance studios...I've made my rounds for sure.

    There were tragedies & triumphs in each, more importantly there were lessons learned that I'm going to read on!

    The get rich-quick stories on Social Media, the cars & mansions...yes please! Unfortunately these images make people believe that all you need is a website, a scheme, a quick hit on the latest Crypto and Bam...your rich!

    Forget the B.S & focus on what works, learn the skills, get information from credible sources & implement them. Let's say you decide to share your life's passion on YouTube, so you make a few videos, spend a lot of time editing and Viola'...crickets.

    Same thing with a blog, you buy or create a super-cool looking site with awesome graphics & a killer video loop. After months of creating your masterpiece you launch and...drum roll please...crickets

    Why Does This Happen?

    Lets have "The Talk" shall we: No one cares about your YT channel or your blog or you! Ouch...that hurt, but now that we peeled the band aid off the festering wound we can begin to heal, aah I feel better already.

    How It's Really Done

    Whichever onramp to online business you choose, do yourself a favor & treat it like a real business...because it is. Real businesses don't rely on what they think makes a business work, they find out what successful businesses are doing to make money.

    Everything online requires that people can find your site or channel, out of the hundreds of millions of sites on the web, how is yours going to be found?
    Will it be because you look good? NO
    Is it because you have something super awesome that everyone will want? NO
    Maybe it's the incredible design of my site? NO

    The answer is mastering the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), for the most part... Google. There are over 100K searches per second & over 9 Billion done a day.
    If, and I mean if someone searches for your keyword, how are you going to get to the top of the SERPS (search engine results pages)?

     How do you know what people are even searching for? These are the types of questions that need to be answered & figured out before you even decide what niche' to enter.

    Is Blogging Dead

    Making Business Decisions

    Before you start any business, don't you think you should know if people will need your product or services? Hell yes you should! a self assessment regarding what you know, what skiills you have & what you like. Write down a list of potentials & research how these skills or products can be done online.

    2.I'm talking to you as a friend right now, so don't take this info for granted! Seriously...I do this for friends all the time, the ones that want to get out of their crappy 9-5 & start making real money online.

    3.Example: I have a friend that works at a small garage, oil changes, tires & upkeep for cars (think Jiffy Lube). Now most would think "how am I going to change peoples oil online"? Valid question but a stupid one...sorry, just keeping it real.

    4.If you're like my friend you have to start realizing that you have an immense amount of knowledge floating around in your head. learning how to give that info to people & monetize that info is what makes money online.

    Sticking With An Idea

    If you're like my friend you have to start realizing that you have an immense amount of knowledge floating around in your head. learning how to give that info to people & monetize that info is what makes money online.

    staying with my oil-changing friends dilemma of "how to make money online with what he knows", here's what I cam up with.

    I use data analytics to see what's happening (more on this later), I plugged the Key word (oil change) into my favorite tool Ahrefs and this is what I see.

    The Keyword (Oil Change) is insanely difficult to rank for, meaning that you, as a beginner have no chance in hell of getting on page one of Google. The only sites making page one are high-authority sites are Valvoline, Jiffy Lube etc., why? Because their websites are considered authoritative in the oil change space...your beginner site would make page 2500, if you had a great article with SEO in mind.

    Who Can Use AdSense?

    How To Compete

    You have to pick battles you can win, those battles are found byb  utilizing a keyword research tool. Search for low competition keyword that have low search volume, in our oil change theme I found the KW (Why oil change is important).

    my friend ranked on page #1 of Google for this phrase in 2 months, he properly formatted the article, included great pics & had lots to say about the topic since he's done it a thousand times.


    Every business is a series of steps that must be taken in order to succeed, don't fall for the line "be an Instagram influencer"! To be honest I wouldn't give that advice to my worst enemy.

    In my friends case, he now has 200 posts on his website, he earns an extra $2,500 a month and he can see quitting his job next year & doing this full time. There's nothing wrong with dreaming big, just have a real plan on how to get there!

    Justin Shaw

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