Best CPU Coolers (Liquid & Air-Top Guide)

looking for the best cpu cooler for your high performance PC...You've come to the right place? A CPU cooler is vital in helping your rig to untap it's awesome potential . There are a few types of cooling options: there are air coolers and liquid coolers & passive.

Air coolers are the most common and affordable, a metal heat-sink pulls heat away from the CPU and a fan redirects the hot air, thus cooling the chip itself. A combination of heat pipes, water pumps & even passive-cooling are involved.

The team at G Shift Labs has built their fair share of high performing computers, we know what happens when you don't choose the correct cooling setup..."copper heat pipes please"!

Before we get to the heated details regarding the Best CPU Coolers, we'd like to welcome the readers of We recently acquired the domain & are excited to share the benefits with our readers.

Included In This Guide:

Liquid Cooled:

  • 1.EK AIO 240 D-RGB Liquid
  • 2.DeepCool Gammaxx L240 V2 AIO 
  • 3.Cooler Master Liquid ML240P Mirage

Air Cooled:

  • 1.Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2
  • 2.Noctua NH-D151
  • 3.Deep Gammaxx L240 V2

Best Air CPU Coolers Recommended

Our Best-Of coolers come equipped with efficient designs that don't cause hassles when in use, they're affordable & can come with the added benefit of low to no noise.

At least one model we reviewed here today was completely silent--utterly amazing if that's important.

The best CPU air cooler is the one that fits inside your PC case, (large air coolers are not always better). If you're an overclocker or want to spice up your rig with some flashy RGB lights, then there are coolers for those who dig the night-club scene!

The best cooler for you may be the smallest most efficient model (passive cooler), where the best performance cooler for a serious gamer may be a high-end water pump liquid cooler.

 Too much hardware running on one board affects everyone's performance differently but generally speaking, any extra cooling will do wonders when trying avoid high temperatures during intense gaming sessions; plus this type of accessory has proven its worth by saving valuable components from becoming overworked due to lack of heat dissipation.

Best Liquid CPU Coolers Recommended

liquid CPU coolers are a must have for high performance gaming computers. They help to dissipate heat away from the CPU, preventing it from throttling down during intense gaming sessions.

liquid CPU coolers also tend to be much quieter than their air-cooled counterparts, meaning you won't have to deal with irritating fan noise while you're trying to concentrate on your game. In addition, liquid CPU coolers can also help to extend the life of your CPU by preventing it from overheating and becoming damaged.

So if you're serious about gaming, make sure you invest in a quality liquid CPU cooler. Your computer will thank you for it in the long run.

1.EK AIO 240 D-RGB Liquid

In the past, EK Water Blocks has been known for their innovative water cooling solutions tailored to enthusiast-grade customizations.

 They offer options that are Especially Made For Small Liquid Cooler Market Disguised as expandable closed loop systems like their Phoenix and Predator series of AIO coolers but now they're back with a new line specifically made by those looking at keeping costs down while running hardware from this highly reputable company!


Lighting is present but not overbearing

Design fits well & uses up to date pump

Great thermal performance


A little pricy compared to other models we tested

Sound cranks up when used at capacity

EK Loop Connect Controller only (No UI Software....Sorry)

2.DeepCool Gammaxx L240 V2 AIO Liquid Cooler

The DeepCool Gammaxx series of cooling solutions are perhaps one the most successful and well known brands for providing excellent performance at affordable prices.

The company has always walked that fine line between price, features with more than just a little success to show off what they're capable of in terms or being able offer quality without breaking the bank.


Anti-Leak Tech

6 ultra- bright RGB Lights

Ceramic Axle bearings for long life


We found the install kit lacked all the parts needed (luckily we have spares)

We tested heat release (The Gammaxx was slower than others)

The Intel & AMD Socket connection seemed a bit flimsy

3.Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240P Mirage

The Cooler Master ML240P Mirage 240mm AIO cooler has a new addition to its typical RGB lighting treatment; an attention-grabbing view into the soul of this liquid cooling system -the pump impeller.

The clear housing top allows for direct viewing and highlighted by colored lights that accentuate the pump creating what looks like "a visual mirage.


We love the design

Seeing the pump working kept us from worrying the rig would'nt explode during an intense session of (Rainbow Six Siege)

Wired ARGB controller is an added benefit.


Thermal performance was average at best

Not everyone digs the RGB light-show

Not cheap

1.Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2

Be quiet! has released the Pure Rock 2, a budget-conscious air cooler that is very quiet and offers performance value for those looking to save some money.


Great value for the money

looks good

operates silently


We didn't like the instructions

Our tests showed performance goes down with load

Our tester's copper heatpipes were dented

2.Noctua NH-D151

The new and improved NH-D15 is a dual tower cooler that can cool efficiently due to its expandable heat pipe layout. It also has two premium grade NF-A15 140mm fans with PWM support for automatic speed control, ensuring your system stays whisper quiet at all times.

With the trusted SecuFirm2™ multi socket mounting system you'll be able to install this item in any case type - no matter how insolated or extreme.


We found it an easy fit

Performs while staying quiet

No lag with increased demand


Thermal paste tube was non existent

Made in Germany...Backorder took forever

Would like better mounting kit options

3.Deepcool Assassin III

The Deepcool Gamer Storm Assassin III is a great choice for any enthusiast or system builder looking to build their own HEDT hardware with dual 140mm cooling fans and seven copper heatpipes.

The performance at an affordable price makes this cooler one of the most budget-friendly on our list.


Looks great

great thermal performance

Easy to install


Not cheap

gets louder as it spools up

The sound is higher pitch than most

Do I need an Air or Liquid Cooler?

There are a few things to consider when deciding between air and liquid CPU coolers. First, liquid CPU coolers are typically more expensive than air coolers.

However, they also tend to be more effective at cooling CPUs, so if you're looking for the best possible performance, a liquid cooler is probably the way to go. Second, liquid CPU coolers require more maintenance than air coolers.

You'll need to periodically refill the liquid reservoir and make sure that the pump is working properly. Third, liquid CPU coolers can be dangerous if they leak, so it's important to be careful when handling them. Overall, liquid CPU coolers offer better performance but require more maintenance than air coolers.

What CPU sockets can a given cooler support?

All motherboards have different types of sockets, which allow them to use certain processors in their systems; but all these Mounting Platforms are equipped with custom bracketry and fasteners specifically designed by the manufacturer.

That said, there are universal mounting kits available for most coolers. The Gshiftlabs team has been known to use duct tape (not recommended), in an emergency.

To ensure you are installing compatible parts check out the (Compatibility Center) at Noctua, they provide a great chart showing all the CPU's, Motherboards, Cases & RAM compatible parts...Noctua Compatible Chart Here

How can I increase the cooling capacity of my CPU?

The size of your computer is the biggest factor when it comes to selecting a cooling system. If you're only using yours for daily activities then anything from an standard sized cooler or even one slightly more powerful should suffice.
Most people who install liquid-cooling systems do so with higher end chips like AMD Ryzen 9 series CPUs because they offer more performance per watt.
Steps to understanding what cooling performance you need:

  1. find your motherboard's CPU socket.
  2. measure your case height...measure between the top of the CPU and the computer chassis panel.
  3. Check the motherboard area around the Socket where the CPU goes.
  4. Decide max fan speed
  5. Find the TPD or thermal design power, which is the heat output of your CPU measured in watts. Having this number allows you to bump up to a higher output model.

Final Thoughts:

  • So those are the best CPU coolers that you can buy right now. We’ve looked at liquid cooling, air cooling and even passive options to help increase your computer’s cooling capacity.

    If you want to stick with air cooling, the Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 is a great option, or if you want to try out liquid cooling for the first time, the EK AIO 240 D-RGB Liquid is fantastic. Whichever route you decide to go down, we hope this article has helped give you all the information you need.

    Be sure to keep your computer running smoothly during those hot summer months – stay cool!

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