What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network that connects product owners sometimes referred to as merchants, advertisers, vendors, and product sellers with affiliates. 

ClickBank allows owners to sell a wide range of digital items, including computer software and eBooks. ClickBank is a payment processor in addition to a marketplace.

What is ClickBank

The firm was established in 1998 and is headquartered in the United States. ClickBank has evolved to become one of the most prominent websites of its sort since its inception.

How Does ClickBank Work?

To join ClickBank, you must first complete their application procedure. To get paid, you must also provide a payment method when signing up. This procedure is quite simple, and almost anyone may participate without too much difficulty.

After you’ve signed up for the platform, you’ll need to choose a product to advertise. If you are new to affiliate marketing, it may be worthwhile to purchase a package that will teach you some type of affiliate advertising approach as well.

That way, you may both advertise and evaluate the thing you purchased. Because you legitimately purchased it, you will be a genuine customer and therefore able to submit a legitimate review.

Although you do not need to buy an affiliate product before promoting it, it is far preferable if you do. Integrity in affiliate product promotion online is essential for establishing trust with potential clients.

ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank’s marketplace has a massive selection of items from which to pick. If you already have a website or are interested in a specific topic, it would be a good idea to pick a product in that area.

With an already-trafficked website, you can simply copy a marketing banner from one of the product owners called vendors and post it on your site.

This can provide you with an almost quick method of monetizing an existing site that is currently generating visitors.

When someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you will receive a portion of the selling price. Each affiliate link is distinct and may be traced back to the individual who generated the transaction. ClickBank will pay you based on the things you can sell.

Making Money On ClickBank

There are two fundamental methods to generate money on ClickBank. The first way is to create your own product and sell it on ClickBank. ClickBank makes it incredibly simple to market your digital items and services.

When you sign up as a merchant with ClickBank, you must pay a one-time activation charge.

They will manage the sales process and make your product available to affiliate marketers in ClickBank once you pay this and upload your own product to their database.

You may also choose the proportion of commission you wish to offer ClickBank users who want to promote your product. When other ClickBank users advertise your product on their website, it drives traffic to your product page and increases your sales.

Another option to earn money on ClickBank is to promote other people’s items and receive a commission on each sale. As previously stated, the commission is decided by the merchant. The commission rate might range from 1 percent to 75%.

Joining ClickBank as an affiliate marketer is free. You may quickly create an account and begin advertising the links of other businesses and driving traffic to them.

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You are also free to advertise as many goods as you choose. However, you should use extreme caution when selecting things to advertise. You may not be able to generate any sales if you choose the wrong things.

Always choose things that convert well and pay out handsomely in commissions.

ClickBank Pros And Cons


Here are some of the great things about ClickBank:

Easy to Use

To have access to it and begin exploring its offered items, you must first join up. One advantage of ClickBank is that anyone who wish to join and become a marketer here do not have to go through the pre-approval procedure.

Lots Of Products

Anyone may use ClickBank to market their products and services. As a result, a variety of digital items are available on it. You will discover all of your desired goods in a variety of sizes and colors here.

Several new goods in various variations are now available on ClickBank and can be purchased at any time.

High Commissions

ClickBank is well-known for paying out large commissions. When compared to other affiliate marketing networks, it has some of the highest commissions. 

Its commissions might go as high as 75%. It suggests that you can make a lot of money in the long run, therefore – the commissions on ClickBank are big enough to make your efforts quite valuable.


Here are some of the bad parts of ClickBank:


ClickBank contains a large number of worthless or spam items. Many ClickBank marketers prioritize number over quality and do not sell high-quality items.

Famous ClickBank marketers, on the other hand, do not do this since they respect their reviews. The majority of new marketers sell spam items on ClickBank, mostly spam programs, software, and online services.


As previously said, ClickBank offers a variety of items and is used by a lot of marketers. As a result, new marketers face a lot of competition, and ClickBank lacks a dependable mechanism to promote such merchants.


When affiliates make a sale, ClickBank does not notify them through email. You’ll need to login the account during the day to remain on top of your sales. However, logging in takes time, which is difficult for time-crunched affiliates.


ClickBank is a popular location for new affiliate marketers to locate items to promote. They give a greater amount of commission when you make a sale because they are digital items on ClickBank.

However, obtaining your initial money may take a bit of time, but it becomes easier after that.

ClickBank demands at least five transactions from five separate credit cards before you receive payment to show that you are legitimate and not purchasing the things you sell yourself.

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