How To Create Business Twitter Account?

More and more businesses are beginning to take advantage of Twitter and all that it has to offer for both individuals and businesses.

It may sound complicated to set up a business account on Twitter, but truth be told it couldn’t be more simple.

How To Create Business Twitter Account

Check out our simple guide on how to create a business account on Twitter and elevate your business’s online profile today!

Guide To Creating A Business Account On Twitter 

Follow the steps below to get set up on Twitter and to further elevate your business. 

1. Go to To Sign Up

When you go to, click on sign up or create your account. Here you will input your real name and email address, you will adjust and enter your business details later in this process. 

Once you have completed the sign-up form you will be asked to create a password and a username. Then click next

You will then be asked to confirm the account by checking your emails for a verification code that will have been emailed from Twitter.

Input the code into the relevant fields and click next, followed by create my account

2. Build Your Timeline

Next, you will be instructed to follow three people from a specific selection.

Choose three accounts to follow, you can always unfollow them again later.

Your next focus will be on buidling your timeline so click skip if Twitter suggests more accounts to follow.

Your account will now be made and you will customize your account to a business account.

3. Keep Brand Consistency

Make sure you have a profile picture, background image, and bio that are consistent with your company branding.

Add each to the relevant fields. The maximum file size for photos is 700MB.

For the header, or background picture it should follow these dimensions: 1252 x 626, and the maximum file size is 5MB.

4. Add Your Website

Next, add your website link to your account so potential customers can easily access it.

5. Click Save Changes

Once you have followed these steps you will next click save changes and voila! Your business account has now been created. 

Twitter makes this process very simple as they prompt you each step of the way.

Reasons To Use Twitter For Business

Reasons To Use Twitter For Business

Twitter is progressively becoming a more popular tool used by businesses for marketing purposes, as well as for customer service. Below are some of the main reasons why you should consider using Twitter for your business.

  • You can actively engage with your customers, helping to take on board any issues and resolve them quickly, as well as feeding them back to relevant teams.
  • It is hugely beneficial for location-specific businesses as your business will be listed when Twitter users search for accounts within a certain locality
  • It is particularly beneficial for establishing a well-rounded social media presence as well as a creating great social media campaigns
  • If your target market is Gen Z or Millenials then you need to have a presence on Twitter as most will engage with businesses that have a cool and edgy social media presence 
  • You can follow new trends and stay up to date so that you don’t get left behind and continue to be at the top of your game 
  • Lastly, it enables businesses to send out real-time updates regarding special offers, sales, new product releases, or general operational updates such as holiday closures

Final Thoughts 

We hope that our step-by-step guide has been useful and that you will now be able to get your business Twitter account set up to start developing your online presence and social media followings.

If you still have questions, check our frequently asked questions section below to learn more about using Twitter for business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Personal Account And A Business Account On Twitter?

While it may seem as though there is no difference between a personal account and a business account on Twitter, there is actually one huge and significant difference between the two.

On a business account, the focus is to advertise the business, be it about blogs, events, product links, or business-related updates are mostly all that would be featured on a business account.

On a personal account, however, people tend to engage with content related to their personal views, interests, and activities.

This information may not be relevant to your business and so there is a need for two separate accounts.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Twitter For Business?

There are many benefits associated with using Twitter for business. The first is that it helps you to gain valuable customer insights.

People often tweet their feedback about products, both positive and negative, which gives businesses unique access to what is being said about their products and services, as well as the company itself.

You can also utilize a Twitter business account to build brand awareness and highlight your brand’s personality through tone of voice and the language you use when tweeting, and what you tweet about.

Customer support can also be offered indirectly through Twitter. If customers have questions they may reach out on Twitter as it is often more direct and instant than if they went down the phone calling or emailing route.

Another benefit that many companies enjoy is that Twitter helps you to build a community, a loyal customer base, who will interact with your content and help to make your brand look and seem popular as well as reputable. 

Are There Downsides To Using Twitter For Business?

There are two downsides that some businesses can unfortunately encounter.

The first is that tweets are time-sensitive and so if you don’t have someone monitoring your account when a tweet comes through it may get lost on your feed and go unanswered.

Another downside is that if something negative happens it can be blown up on Twitter and in some cases go viral, which can be detrimental to a business’s reputation.

It is important to understand how to manage and utilize Twitter to prevent these negative experiences from happening.

Justin Shaw