How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

Many people are often looking for more ways to earn extra money. A lot of people have started to look for online ways they can earn money as it is easier to fit with their schedules. 

One way of earning money that has become increasingly more popular is joining an affiliate program. These affiliate programs are perfect for those who want the freedom to work from anywhere as it is purely online. 

How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

A popular affiliate program is Amazon Associates. If you’ve already signed up for the Amazon affiliate program then you might be wondering how you can make the most money.

Well, lucky for you, we’ve created a guide outlining tips and tricks you should know in order to make money with the Amazon affiliate program. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing? 

Before we look at how to make money with the Amazon affiliate program, we need to make sure you understand exactly what affiliate marketing is.

Understanding affiliate marketing will help you make money with the Amazon affiliate program as you’ll have a clearer idea of why affiliate marketing is important. 

Affiliate marketing is when a person promotes a product or service from another company and then has a link to that product or service.

For each sale made through the affiliate link, the person that helped to promote the product or service will receive some commission. 

Essentially, the company is paying the person promoting their product or service to increase traffic on their website with the hopes of getting new customers. 

Affiliate marketing is beneficial to both the company and the individual promoting the product. For the company, affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the more affordable ways of marketing its products or services. 

For the individual promoting the products, affiliate marketing gives them a chance to earn income and become more familiar with eCommerce, without having their own stores.

Affiliate marketing allows for these individuals to monetize their own platforms such as social media or blogs and work with brands. 

There are different types of affiliate marketing and there are three main types. These are pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, and pay-per-lead. 

Pay-per-click means that the individual promoting the product or service is paid a certain amount that is depending on the number of visitors that go to the seller’s page using the affiliate link and it does not matter if the visitor purchases a product. 

Pay-per-sale is one of the more common types of affiliate marketing as the person promoting the product is paid a certain amount of money for each sale that was made through their link. 

Pay-per-leads pay the person promoting the product or service a certain amount of money for each person that signs up or fills in the form that is requested by the seller.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Work? 

The Amazon affiliate program works as Amazon will pay you a commission each time a person makes a purchase through the affiliate link you have. 

The great thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that you can still get a commission from Amazon even if the person does not buy the product you were promoting.

As long as the person makes a purchase from Amazon in the 24-hour period they used your affiliate link to get to Amazon, you will receive some commission. 

Tip To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

Here are some tips to follow so you can make money with the Amazon affiliate program. 

Promote High-In-Demand Or Niche Products

In order to make the most money with the Amazon affiliate program, you should aim for promoting products that are in demand or niche products.

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It might seem strange to promote niche products as the interest in these products might be low.

However, if you are able to find a niche product where the competition for promoting that product is low, then you might be able to create interest in that product by promoting it and not have to worry about the competition also having affiliate links. 

Products that are good to have an affiliate link for are ones that already have some demand but do not have much competition. 

Decide If It Is A Good Product

Don’t just make affiliate links for any type of product as this can have your subscribers not trust your reviews. Instead, you need to decide if the product would be a good option for affiliate marketing. 

It is important to consider the price of the item you want to create an affiliate link for. The price of the item should be no more than $150. This then steps into the territory of being too expensive for the average consumer. 

The product should already have a few sales and it would be better if the product has been deemed a ‘Best Seller’.  On top of being sold often, the product needs to have good reviews.

If you promote a bad product to your viewers it can damage your reputation. 

Promote Your Product

Once you have decided on a product, you need to come up with a plan for how you are going to promote your product. The content you make to promote your product needs to be engaging and entertaining. 

A great way to promote a product is to sound like you are not trying to sell the product. If it seems as though you are trying to sell the item, then it makes people less likely to buy it. 

When it comes to promoting the product, make use of all forms of social media. Post videos showing the product in action or write a really good blog that captures the reader’s attention.

If your content is better, you are more likely to have people purchase the product. Consider promoting during holidays as this is when people are more likely to purchase the product. 


Making money with the Amazon affiliate program depends on your ability to choose the right products, promote the products, and how many people are engaged in your content. 

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to make money with Amazon affiliates. 

Justin Shaw