Do Affiliates Get Paid For Ads?

Becoming an affiliate marketer is a huge draw for many people that want a passive income. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, you might be wondering: Do affiliates get paid for ads?

Do Affiliates Get Paid For Ads?

In this article, we will explore some key information on affiliates, including whether affiliates get paid for ads and how affiliates make money in other ways. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Do Affiliates Get Paid For Ads?

Yes, affiliate marketers can get paid for ads. This is done through pay per click advertisement.

So, what is pay per click (PPC) and how does it work? In short, pay per click is a model that is used to drive traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay a fee every single time that their advertisement is clicked. 

As a result, pay per click is a way of advertisers buying visits to their websites through affiliates to make more sales, rather than waiting for those visits to occur organically. 

Bearing the concept in mind, then, the affiliate marketer must engage the consumer so that they will travel from the affiliate’s site to the merchant’s site.

The affiliate is then paid based on the increase in web traffic that the merchant receives thereafter. In addition to this, affiliate marketers can get paid in various other ways. These ways include:

Pay Per Sale 

Pay per sale is the standard affiliate marketing structure in which the merchant pays the affiliate a percentage of the sale after the consumer has purchased the product.

In short, the affiliate marketer must get an investor to invest in the affiliate product before they are paid.

Pay Per Lead 

Pay per lead programs compensate the affiliate through the conversion of leads. Bearing this in mind, the affiliate must persuade the consumer to leave their site to go to the merchant’s website and complete the desired action.

The desired action could be anything from subscribing to a newsletter to filling out a contact form. As a result, this is seen as a more complex program.

Pay Per Install

When it comes to pay per install, the affiliate is paid each time they direct a user to the merchant’s site and installs something. This could be anything from software to a mobile app.

How Much Do Affiliates Earn From Ads?

The answer to this question entirely depends! As the affiliate’s pay is determined by the increase in web traffic, how engaging their site is can hugely impact how much money you make from these ads.

If an affiliate’s site is dull and not engaging, it’s doubtful that they will persuade consumers to leave their site and travel to the merchant’s site and take action.

On the other hand, if an affiliate has put a lot of time and effort into their site, and has got the engaging content to engage and persuade the customer to take action, they will likely have more success.

More clicks = more money. This is worth bearing in mind if you’re interested in a pay per click program.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer?

There are a variety of benefits associated with affiliate marketing. These benefits include but are not limited to:

It Can Provide A Passive Income 

One of the biggest benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer is that it has the potential to provide you with a passive income.

Do Affiliates Get Paid For Ads?

The great thing about this is that you can reap the returns from the initial time you spent putting into a campaign for weeks after. This can help to supplement your salary without you even being sat at your desk in front of your computer. 

It’s Convenient & Flexible 

Another benefit of becoming an affiliate marketer is how convenient and flexible it is. As we just mentioned, you can see the rewards of putting the time into a campaign in the beginning for weeks after.

This means that you have time to determine your goals, your own hours, and how much time you dedicate to being an affiliate.

This provides you with the flexibility to direct your own path, as you’re essentially working freelance for yourself. For people with busy lives and schedules, this can be the ultimate way of earning an income without having to sacrifice other aspects of your life.

For instance, if you have children, affiliate marketing can be an incredibly convenient way to make some money without having to get childcare. This leads nicely onto the next point. 

Allows You To Work From Home 

Many people struggle to get to and from the office five days a week, not to mention the time and money that comes with commuting to work every week.

Becoming an affiliate marketer allows you to work from your own home, and even anywhere in the world if you so wish!

This allows you to save more time, money, and gives you more opportunities to focus on what you really want to do with your life.

If you’re looking for a role that allows you to work from home and be there for your family whilst still making money, becoming an affiliate could be right for you.

Common Types Of Affiliates 

Now you know a bit more about affiliate marketing, you might be wondering what type of affiliates there are. A few include:


Bloggers are known to sample services or products before writing a review that promotes a brand, in turn driving traffic to a seller’s website.


Influencers often engage in marketing campaigns, which could include account takeovers, live videos, or a series of product reviews that help to promote a product or service to their already established following.

In Summary

Yes, affiliates get paid for ads, and this is done through pay per click advertisement. We hope this article on how affiliates get paid has been of use and interest to you.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, be sure to do your research and save this article for future reference. Good luck with your affiliate marketing journey!

Justin Shaw