Can You Make Money On Medium

Are you looking for a sustainable side hustle that allows you to showcase your writing skills?

Medium could be perfect for you but there are many questions surrounding just how easy it is to make money through this platform. In this guide, we look at what Medium is, how to use it, and how you can make money using Medium.

can you make money on medium

What Is Medium 

Medium is an online platform that gives writers a space to write and readers a space to read dynamic pieces written by undiscovered voices. 

Medium is similar to blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress and since its launch in 2012, it has been a successful side hustle for many writers and bloggers alike. 

On Medium you can find a number of online publications, such as Sports Illustrated’s sports news publication “The Cauldron” and you can also find State of Union addresses and policy changes published on Medium by the White House.

Medium has a very minimalistic look as the focus is on what is being said rather than what the platform looks like.

The limited formatting options and huge areas of white space are said to help keep attention on the writer’s pieces but it can be frustrating for some who would like more creative control over what their piece looks like when published. 

Anyone can apply to be published but the question is how likely is it that you will get published and how can you make money using this platform. We answer these common questions below.

Writing For Medium

There is no vetting process to write for Medium, you just need to create an account. Signing up is free unless you opt for the full unlimited access membership which is $5 per month. 

There are rules and guidelines that must be followed when writing a post. Controversial views cannot be promoted nor can extreme content be published.

It is also against regulations for writers to buy or sell social media interactions both on or off the platform. There is also no allowance for content that could be considered to be a form of affiliate marketing.

Medium does present fantastic opportunities to reach new audiences. The platform is unique as it is a space for long-form content when short-form content has become king. 

People choose to join Medium for a range of reasons, including for its publishing capabilities or to learn more before starting their own account. For the right type of person, Medium can be a fantastic creative outlet while also giving you an opportunity to make money.

How To Make Money Using Medium

How much you can make and how legitimate the money-making side of Medium is has been a point of discussion for some time now. The truth is that you are guaranteed payment when your article is posted through the Medium Partner Program.

can you make money on medium

Top writers can earn great money, with some making over $30,000, but this is rare. How much effort you put into Medium will ultimately decide how much money you will make.

Ask yourself whether you want to substitute your full-time income, or if you just want to make some extra coffee money or have fun exploring your writing hobby. These questions will help you to gauge your expectations and show how much effort your writing pursuit may require. 

If you want to make writing for Medium your full-time job then you need to treat it like one. Stay focused, set aside time each day, and write.

Most of the top writers currently on Medium did this consistently for a year and now they have great success on Medium thanks to their established profile. 

If coffee money is your focus you can take a step back and focus on writing a few articles a week on topics you love or that you have expert knowledge in.

It should all be fun for you. By writing for some of the small to medium publications on Medium you can aim for a paycheck of around $20 to $50 each month.

If writing is just a hobby for you, everything else should be seen as a bonus! There are publications for almost everything under the sun, including business articles, sports, cooking, poetry, and even comics so choose something you love and you will love writing these pieces.

How Medium Pays Writers

Medium offers different types of memberships which can be confusing to new members. Not account holders can view three articles per month before hitting a paywall. Below we outline the three types of Medium memberships 

1. Create A Free Account

Creating a free account will enable you to post stories,  and view up to three articles per month. 

2. Sign Up For Medium’s Partner Program

Medium’s Partner Program is referred to as MPP and posting articles as a member of MPP means you are eligible to earn money. The MPP is also free and easy to set up. To earn this money you must be from a country where Stripe is recognized.

3. Become A Member

For $5 per month, you can become a full member and this gives you access to an unlimited number of articles, part of your subscription helps to pay other writers, and your membership status will be on your profile. Other members will then be more likely to read your pieces. 

How Much You Get Paid

The amount you are owed is calculated by Medium by looking at the total read time of your articles by Medium members and if any non-member readers sign up within 30 days after reading a piece that you wrote you are eligible for a bonus.

As the payment depends on the above two factors it is difficult to put a set amount on how much you can earn but it does highlight why your content needs to be up to date.

Final Thoughts 

We hope that this guide has answered any of your questions that you may have had regarding Medium and how you can make money through this platform.

Justin Shaw