Small retail space for rent near me (Complete Guide)

The team at GshiftLabs covers the digital realm of work-life, but when it comes to business there’s often cases when Digital Nomads need a location as their central hub. Commercial real estate isn’t typically a discussion within the Digital Warrior crowd but hear us out.

Commercial real estate & SEO go hand in hand, how you ask? Read on!

Why is retail space important for your business?

Whether you are someone with a digital side-hustle, a freelancer or a full blown entreprenuer you need to be easily found online. One of the easiest ways to do that is to have your physical location listed on Google with a Google Business Profile or (GMB).

Being a site owner, even if it’s just a small office on a budget is a game changer when it comes to someone that will search you online. Look what pops up on Google search when I type in Web Designers Sarasota:

If you are searching for someone to build you a website in Sarasota, wouldn’t you trust a company that has a physical space that pops up on a Google search? If you utilize your home as the GMB location, it’s not the end of the world but E.A.T now comes into play.

What’s E.A.T you ask? Expertise, Authority & Trust are one of the biggest signals Google uses to determine whether your business should be placed higher in the SERP’s (search engine results page). Do you think that someone looking for web services in their neighborhood would find it helpful if at the beginning of their browse they found success without having to navigate thousands of pages?

In a recent poll 15,000 people asked which sites they trusted most; those with a physical location or those without. Those with a commercial real estate location (not their home), a true retail space ranked 85% more trustworthy.

Having a retail space or office that is found through search increases your brand awareness & gives searchers for your site easier access.

Use case for small retail spaces: Who are they for?

Crazy as it sounds there’s a trend with online workers starting physical locations in the niches they are covering. Let me explain, I have a business associate that has a blog that talks all about marketing small businesses, she did not have a physical colocation but decided to get a one and actually join some groups locally and internationally and start going to marketing events so she could get inside information and connect with other business owners.

I have another client that is in the security niche’, they started small retail stores/offices where they could meet clients. Accessing a physical location & meeting face to face increased their sale 10X. Meeting clients via zoom is great but not aaalways effective, most smal businesses see their performance jump once they removed any restrictions that would prevent contact with clients.

5 Features every retail space needs

When you shop at your next retail space, the chances of falling in love will be great. As with most business decisions, choosing the retail space is based on the most efficient space for business use.

  1. Location
  2. Cost
  3. Does the size meet your needs
  4. Is the type of space what you’re looking for i.e. retail, office, mixed use etc.?
  5. Will this physical location help grow your business?

Below is a cost per square foot chart for retail space based off of City:

How much retail space do you need?

Square footage is important to understand & this answer is not a one size fits all. Your needs & budget will best determine the answer as well as any set restrictions by the lessor. For example: If you are opening a gb data center you may need a warehouse/ offfice/retail combo space.

You only need a small storefront space but a large warehouse style space where your tech team can work on error code & error details, copy, press and configuration filters with feedback loops.

6 Advantages of small retail spaces for rent

Contrary to common belief about online commerce, online shopping is merely a stepping stone for a retailer that helps online brands reach new heights through accessibility and branding. Small shops and smaller formats are gaining special popularity lately. Retailers will narrow down to smaller space at strategically-located sites that average around 3100 square feet or less. Small retail areas offer a number of advantages. Click on this graphic for full info.


  1. Small retail space for rent near me is a good search quiry to start looking for commercial space.
  1. Location, square footage, lease restraictions & budget all play important decision making roles.
  2. Be easy to find when someone looks to browse businesses like yours. Make your location easy to navigate to and build thousands of contacts in you neighborhood.
  3. Having a retail store or office with the appropriate square footage is an investment in your brand that can bring you success regardless of where you’re at on your journey!

Justin Shaw

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