How To Cancel Automatic Payments On PayPal

Still paying for subscriptions you don’t even use anymore? Or just looking to cut back on your monthly spending. While PayPal offers a secure and easy way to send and receive money, cancelling automatic payments can be challenging.

How To Cancel Automatic Payments On PayPal

There are a number of reasons for you to cancel your automatic payments such as a change of accounts, no longer using the service or simply running low on funds. 

Whatever the reason, cancelling your automatic payments doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow this simple how-to guide to start saving those extra dollars from subscriptions you don’t even use!

We’ll show you how to easily cancel those automatic payments through PayPal with a few simple steps. 

It’s never been easier to keep on top of your recurring payments and subscriptions. Find out how below!

Log In To Your Pay Pal Account

The first step is to log in to your PayPal account from a browser. Make sure you have set up a two-step authentication process to keep your account protected and secure. 

The two-step authentication process can be PayPal sending you a code through text which you have to enter into the box on the browser screen.

This will be done after you’ve entered your login information such as username or email address and password. 

This will keep your account more secure and safer from hackers. Safety procedures are important especially when the account holds sensitive information such as bank account details and spending habits. 

Access Your Account Settings

From this page you can now click on the Payments button located on the submenu. This will appear when you hover your mouse over the main menu. 

Once you can see your payments you are going to select Manage Automatic Payments. Here you will see all of your automatic payments through your PayPal account on the left hand side of the screen.

Ensure to select Show Active. This will hide any payments which are currently not being taken automatically. We only want to be viewing the active automatic payments. 

Click On The Payment You Wish To Cancel

Now that we can only see the payments being processed automatically, you can select which ones you wish to cancel. You’ll be able to view all the details of this transaction on the right. 

Find its status which will be Active as you are currently paying this bill. Press the cancel button to begin stopping this payment. 

Confirm Cancellation

You will now be asked to confirm your decision to cancel this payment. Select Cancel Automatic Payments which will stop the service provider from being able to take payments from your account automatically. 

PayPal will process the cancellation of the payment once you’ve indicated that you desire to do so.

Even though it’s better to close your account with the subscription as well, if you have no alternative means of payment, this will typically cancel the subscription you were paying for.

How To Cancel Automatic Payments On Pay Pal From A Smartphone 

More savvy with your accounts and like to keep them close and accessible at all times? The Paypal app is a great way to make sure you can view your accounts any time, anywhere. 

While the process of cancelling automatic payments on the PayPal app is similar to the website, there are a few key differences to be aware of. Keep reading to know how to cancel automatic payments on smartphone or tablets as well as desktop browsers.

Open The App 

Begin by opening the Paypal app on your smartphone or tablet device. Enter your login information and complete the authentication process. This may be the authentication process detailed above or it may require a phone call or, sometimes, a fingerprint scan. 

Manage Automatic Payments

Once you have successfully logged into your account, look to the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You’ll find a More option. Select this and you will be brought to a selection of options. 

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Choose Manage Automatic Payments. You will have to re-enter your PayPal password as an extra step in the security process. Enter your password and you will be taken to a page where you can see all of your automatic payments through PayPal. 

Select Payment

From the list of recurring payments on the screen you can select which one you want to cancel. Again you’ll be able to see all the necessary details regarding the service provider and your payments. 

You’ll find the status of your payment below the showing of your last payment date to the left. In order to cancel simply select the cancel button next to the status.

Confirm Cancellation

You will automatically be taken to a page to confirm the cancellation of this payment. Pres Cancel Automatic Payment to ensure this process is complete and the payment will no longer be taken from your account. 

Once you have completely confirmed to cancel the automatic payment, you will be shown a page which has a Done button. Press this to allow PayPal to begin processing the cancellation with the service provider on your behalf. 

Whether you are operating an iPhone, iPad or android device the steps to cancel your automatic payments on the PayPal app are the same.

And it’s super simple. With no hassle from the service provider or PayPal themselves, you can cancel any subscriptions you need to. 


Setting up and managing automatic payments with PayPal makes it simple to stay on top of bills and subscriptions. And the best part is that you may easily cancel them thanks to the online payment system.

Following the steps above on this how to guide will keep your mind and accounts at peace. There is no need to be sat in a hold queue to talk to someone at PayPal or be on a Live Chat for endless hours.

Follow these four simple steps to cancel any recurring payments or subscriptions linked to your PayPal account. 

Don’t forget to set up your two-step authentication process to keep your account safe and secure!

Justin Shaw