How To Send An Invoice On PayPal

How Do I Send An Invoice?

In order to send an invoice, you will firstly need to create one. Fortunately, this is easy to do. Simply enter the email address of your client. Then, add your item with its amount and quantity.

How To Send An Invoice On PayPal

You can add as many items as you need to. You can also add personalized notes including terms and conditions and any discounts that your customer may require. 

When you have finished creating your invoice, simply click on ‘preview’ to see how it will appear for your customer. Invoices can also be sent to any email address throughout the world.

Whenever your invoice is ready to be sent, just click on the send button and this will inform the platform that it needs to send a notification containing a secure link to the invoice itself.

This will be sent directly to your client’s inbox. If your customer also has a PayPal account, then will also receive a notification when they log into their PayPal account. 

How Can I Share Invoice Links?

It is also entirely possible to share links directly with customers. When using PayPal on your desktop, you can click on a share link to invoice which can be found under the send option.

From here, you will receive a link that will allow your client to view the invoice and make payment. As soon as the link is copied, your invoice will become payable. 

It can then be shared via text, messaging apps, or email. Invoices should not be shared on a public website as they contain your client’s personal information and this may cause issues.

In order to reshape the link, you can copy it from the list of invoices or alternatively, you can obtain the link by opening up the details of the invoice. 

Can I Send Invoices To Multiple Customers?

You can send the same invoice to up to 100 customers by selecting multiple customers and entering their email addresses into the ‘bill to field’. These invoices will then be sent as separate invoices to each client. 

How Can I Import Numerous Invoices?

You are able to create and send numerous invoices by importing a CSV file. This will enable you to import a batch of invoices. You can also use PayPal’s spreadsheet template in order to fill out details for each invoice for individual customers.

You should ensure that you are including an email address for each customer, alongside an item name and the cost of the items. 

After importing this file, you will also be able to view a summary of these imported invoices prior to sending them to your customers.

Once the file has been sent, each customer will receive a secured link in order to make payment. You should note that, in order to retain customer security, PayPal will limit the amount of invoices that can be sent within a single day. 

Can Invoices Be Managed Via My Mobile?

Yes, invoices are able to be created, sent and managed on both desktops and via mobile phones.

How To Send An Invoice On PayPal

You can send and manage your invoices on the move by using the PayPal business app that can be found within both the Apple Store and the Google Play store. 

What Constitutes A Quick Invoice?

Quick invoices are defined as invoices that are easily able to be sent. Professional payment requests can also be managed via your mobile phone.

This streamlines the creation of invoices so that you are able to quickly and succinctly share your links to invoices with your customers without any hassle.

Your customer will receive a professional invoice that includes all of your default business details and information. 

You can do this on a mobile phone web browser by implementing the following steps:

  1. Log into your PayPal account and go to your list of invoices.
  2. Tap on the button icon that is situated in the lower right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Select ‘send a quick invoice’ and enter the amount along with the payment description. 
  4. Select ‘create and share link’.
  5. As soon as your invoice link is ready to be shared, select ‘share link’ and share it via a method of your choosing.

How Does An Invoice For Shippable Items Work?

If you are shipping items to your customers, they will need to provide you with a shipping address and you will need to ensure that you are checking the ‘ship order’ box when you have created an invoice.

You will then be able to add any additional shipping costs. Whenever a customer makes payment, you will also be able to add additional tracking information when the order has been shipped. 

Can I Schedule Recurring Invoices?

Recurring invoices can be scheduled to repeat weekly, monthly or yearly. They can also be customized to occur at specified intervals. Whenever you run a recurring number of invoices, the customer will receive the first of these immediately.

These invoices can also be scheduled to recur at a date in the future. These invoices will be issued at approximately 7AM according to the time zone that you have selected. 

Can Recurring Invoices Be Canceled?

Yes, you can cancel individual invoices within a recurring series of invoices or all of the invoices within the series at once. In order to cancel an invoice, you will need to tap on the three-dot icon to find the invoice within your relevant list.

You will then need to cancel it from the details page. When it has been canceled within a recurring series, PayPal will ask whether you wish to cancel a single invoice or all of the invoices within the series. 


To conclude, it is incredibly easy to create, send and cancel invoices when using PayPal.

This is because PayPal makes this process as smooth as possible and also provides templates that help you to formulate invoices correctly. All that is required is the recipient’s email address and a short product description.

Justin Shaw