What Is Social Media Reach?

The invention and progression of social media has completely changed the marketing industry. Social media has enabled us to be connected with people all over the world.

This can be extremely helpful when it comes to expanding your business and being able to promote to people in different countries.

What Is Social Media Reach

Having data informing businesses on how consumers are responding to their advertisements on social media can be really helpful when it comes to establishing their marketing strategies. 

In order for businesses to understand whether or not their promotions and social media posts are reaching their target audience, they need to be able to measure this. Social media reach is a term that often appears when discussing social media marketing. 

If you are not sure what social media reach is, don’t worry you are not the only one. In this guide, we are going to walk you through what social media reach is and all things related to social media reach.

Social Media Reach: What Is It? 

Social media reach is the understanding of how many people the content a business produces on social media reaches. Social media reach is a measurement that tells you the number of people that watch your posts.

There are other types of metrics that allow businesses to see data about their content and how well it is doing in relation to reaching their target audience. 

Social media reach is often used by marketers to measure how well their marketing campaigns have done. It can also help them plan certain campaigns.

Social media reach can inform marketing departments about how many active followers their social media accounts have, the response they have received to their posts, and the success of working with influencers and brands. 

When it comes to presenting social media reach data there are two ways it can be done. Some businesses prefer to present social media reach data as a percentage, whereas other businesses prefer to display the data as the number of individual users.

Most of the social media websites that do provide social media reach data will do it as the numbers of individual users. 

What Are The Different Types Of Reach?

Social media reach can be broken down into different categories on some social media platforms. These categories can give you a deeper understanding of how consumers are seeing the content you are posting. 

There are three popular types of social media reach categories. These are paid reach, organic reach, and viral reach. 

Paid reach refers to the individuals who see the content you have paid for such as advertisements. 

Organic reach monitors the individuals who see the content that comes from your account that is not sponsored or is not an advert. These would be those that see your original content posts from your account. 

Viral reach includes the number of individuals who have engaged with your content due to other people’s interactions with your content. This includes when your posts are shared and people then see this shared post. 

The Importance Of Measuring Social Media Reach

Now that you know what social media is, you might be able to take a guess as to why it is important. 

The most important aspect of understanding social media reach is that businesses are able to get a better understanding of how many engaged customers they have.

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Social media reach informs you of how many individuals are able to see your post and they count this individual once.

This is better than counting the same individual each time they view your posts as the figures you would get from this data would suggest you have a bigger potential customer base than you do. 

Social media reach is also important for understanding and measuring the success of your marketing campaigns.

Since social media reach gives you an insight as to how many of your followers can see your posts, you will be able to understand how the algorithms on certain social media platforms are impacting your marketing.

Also, social media reach data helps you to see whether your brand is growing which can allow you to see if you’ve reached your marketing objectives on time. 

A problem that businesses often face is thinking their brand awareness is larger than it is due to having a high number of followers.

However, some of these followers might be bots, so this does not give an accurate representation of how brand awareness is growing.

Social media reach allows you to avoid this problem by giving you information about the followers that have seen your content.

Factors That Impact Social Media Reach

If you are looking to improve your social media reach, then you need to be aware of the factors that influence the number of followers that see your content. 

The time that you post your content can drastically affect the number of followers that see that post. Ideally, you want to be posting your content when the majority of your followers are using the social media platform.

The time when people are most active can vary, but there are studies suggesting that early morning before working hours and in the middle of the day during the working week are some of the best times to post. 

Another factor that impacts your social media reach is the type of content you post. In order for your content to reach more people, it needs to be engaging by either being an informative piece or by being entertaining. 

Content with keywords or trending search terms is more likely to be on your follower’s feed or on their discovery pages since they are deemed more relevant. 


Social media reach is data that measures the number of individuals that are seeing your content. This number of individuals is usually out of your total follower count.

Social media reach can help you to gain a better understanding of brand awareness and how well your marketing campaigns are doing. 

We hope this article has helped you understand what social media reach is. Thank you for reading. 

Justin Shaw