9 Best SERP Tracking Tools For Monitoring Keyword Rankings

9 Best SERP Tracking Tools For Monitoring Keyword Rankings

However, the industry is flooded with all kinds of companies selling their own version of SERP tracking tools and to the untrained eye, they can all sometimes look  the same on the surface. 

This means that a lot of people who are new to the online business industry end up stuck with a SERP tracking tool that is not what they want or need for their model. 

So, to avoid making these kinds of mistakes, we are going to be going through nine of the best SERP tracking tools out there.

We will be highlighting their features, price plans, and more so you can find the right SERP tracking software for you and your business. 

So, let’s jump right in! 


SE Ranking is a Ukrainian-based platform that acts as an all-in-one when it comes to SEO.

As a result, you can access a lot of different yet useful features including keyword research, competitor analysis, and more, for a pretty affordable monthly price when compared to some other all-round SEO platforms. 

This is one of the main reasons why SE Ranking has gained so much traction with businesses - because it’s an affordable alternative to some other SERP tools while still providing that high quality of monitoring and tons of useful features that can help your business grow. 

For example, SE Ranking tracks more than just one search engine. Rather than just relying on Google, you can also monitor the keyword rankings for other popular search engines including Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

You can also break these rankings down to see the differences between desktop and mobile searches, plus location-based positions. 

You can also have ranking checks performed on demand so there’s no waiting around for the next update - you can get your recent keyword monitoring results as soon as you need them! 

However, if it’s just SERP tracking you want, then there are more affordable alternatives out there that leave out all the great features you see above (we will go into them in a little more detail further down our list).

But - most businesses will eventually want to use these features so perhaps it will be more beneficial for you to get them all now with this all-in-one software.

This is because you could end up paying more in the long run to access these individual features independently. 

However, there are still plenty of other great features about SE Ranking that could make it the best option for you. 

It’s also very easy to use and is customizable, so you can build your own reports using the drag and drop features in the report builder.

Browse the templates on offer, and you can quickly make business reports that clearly display your rankings from SEO reports, traffic overviews, and competitor overviews.

This can seriously help streamline your business, improving efficiency when it comes to SERP and SEO research, and helps make the results easy for all to understand. 

SE Ranking also has a range of payment plans for you to choose from so you can start out with one of their smaller essential plans and update your policy as your business grows.

This means that you don’t end up paying more than you have to - although it is noteworthy that there are more affordable SERP tools out there, just without all the bells and whistles that comes with SE Ranking.


  • SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool which means that for a single price, you can access a ton of features that are super handy when it comes to helping your online business grow and expand. 
  • The amazing report builder allows you to improve your business’s efficiency while displaying your rankings in a very easy to understand way. 
  • There are also plenty of payment plan options available to you so you can choose the right one for your budget and business needs. 


  • For businesses just wanting a SERP tracking tool only, SE Ranking could be the less cost-effective option if you don’t plan on using the other SEO features included in this platform. 


While other SERP tools can spread themselves too thin, trying to cover lots of different areas of SEO alongside SERP tracking, AccuRanker is one that really focuses on rank tracking more than any other of their competitors.

This tool really is one of the best in the market due to its range of amazing features and easy to follow pricing options which helps you upscale to even more advanced features as your business grows.

The downside of this is that their most affordable plan is still pretty pricey when compared to their competitors but one look at the range of key features will help you understand that base price. 

AccuRanker offers on-demand updates for your ranking reports so you can stay on top of things at any time.

This SERP tool also tracks your rankings across more search engines than just Google including Bing, YouTube, Baidu, and Yandex.

This means that your rankings will be more accurate across different search engines and thus, helping you reach a wider audience to generate more revenue for your business. 

But one of AccuRanker’s most acclaimed features is its reporting capabilities.

You can break down your rankings right down to singular streets or ZIP codes - so if your business wants to improve its rankings in a particular area, you can customize your rankings to see your reports in that area alone.

This is a great feature for localized businesses and this can help you improve your rankings in certain streets, cities, states, or even countries. 

AccuRanker also comes with compatibility to other third party SERP tools and analytics including popular choices such as Google Data Studio and Adobe Analytics.

This means that you can easily bring your data over to help visualize it in a way that is easy to understand - which is perfect when it comes to sharing your reports! 

The only downside to AccuRanker is…well, actually using it.

Because AccuRanker has so much to offer in terms of functions and features, it can take a while before you fully work your way around and get used to all the different options available to you.

This makes it a bit tricky for those who are new to SERP tools and SEO research,  but after some time and practice - you will get the hang of it.

If you are stuck, there are plenty of tutorials out there to check and AccuRanker’s support team are always there to help you out too. 


  • AccuRanker is one of the best acclaimed SERP tracking tools with complete dedication to providing their clients with the best features available. 
  • You can monitor your keyword rankings across different search engines with ease and even break down reports right down to individual streets. 
  • This SERP tool is also compatible with other tools including Google Data Studio and Adobe Analytics so you can transform your data into easy to read reports. 


  • One of the main complaints about AccuRanker is that it can sometimes feel overwhelming and new users waste a lot of time trying to get to grips with all the features on offer through this one SERP tool. 


Another all-in-one SEO platform is Sitechecker. Not only does it have all the tools you need for SEO monitoring, but it is great as a SERP tracking due to its great user interface and customizability. 

This can be seen in its SERP history view. This is one of the best features that many businesses that use Sitechecker often praise because, at first glance, it can appear confusing and messy - but in reality, it’s a very simplistic overview of the history of keyword rankings.

It allows you to clearly see what is gaining or losing its position and which ones fluctuate.

This can seriously help you streamline your keyword research and SERP tracking, improving the overall efficiency of your business and also help make SERP tracking easier for those who aren’t all that familiar with the process. 

Sitechecker also offers a bunch of great features when it comes to reporting itself.

You can have on-demand updates for your rankings to keep on top of all the details when you need to, plus you can set up automated summaries either daily or weekly for each project you are working on.

This again ties in with the great user interface that comes with Sitechecker as many love how they can adjust it to suit their needs.

If there’s one complaint we have to mention about Sitechecker is that it completely lacks the tools you need to complete keyword research itself.

We know that this is meant to be a list for SERP tracking tools that are great for monitoring keyword rankings (which Sitechecker has nailed down) but when you check out the basic payment plan for this tool, you will probably feel a little disappointed you are not getting more for your bucks. 

Sitechecker is also not compatible with other tools like Data Studio or DataBox to help you make great reports using integrated data, and it limits your rankings ro search engines such as Google. 

However, many businesses still go with Sitechecker when all they want is a good, reliable SERP tracking tool that is easy to use and understand.

Plus, its pricing is pretty simple to follow as the more you spend, the higher your keyword limit will be so you really only pay for what you need to use. 


  • Sitechecker is a reliable, effective SERP tracking tool that has keyword ranking and monitoring perfected! 
  • Its best feature is its SERP history viewer which allows you to monitor the history of certain projects, including their ups and downs in the rankings of search engines. 
  • It also allows you to have on-demand updates and automated summaries, making it a great SERP tool for new beginners who need an easy user interface to slowly wean them into SERP tracking and keyword monitoring. 


  • Unlike some other SERP tracking tools, there’s no features available for keyword research to help you out with content planning. 
  • Sitechecker also doesn’t track some super useful search engines such as YouTube or Baidu, limiting your ability to monitor more keywords and their rankings which means that you can miss out on some vital information.


For those seeking a good SERP tracking tool but for a super affordable price, then ProRankTracker could be the one for you. 

This SERP tracking tool is best known for its affordable pricing, making it one of the most accessible SERP tracking tools for all businesses in any shape or size.

However, the price does quickly rise as you head up the pricing plans but each level maintains a reasonable cost for the features you receive in turn.

This makes ProRankTracker one of the most affordable SERP tracking tools at any level from starter to pro to agency level. 

However, a downside to this means that some great features are locked behind these higher-priced levels.

For example, on-demand updates to your keyword rankings are not available on the starter plan and you will have to upgrade to unlock this amazing feature which is super helpful towards improving your results and business’s efficiency.

Despite this, it is worth mentioning that the starter plan with ProRankTracker does still have everything you need to set yourself up - but if you want to improve your business’s performance even further, you will have to pay up more in monthly subscription fees. 

There are still plenty of reasons to still consider ProRankTracker, however.

It tracks all kinds of search engines, including hugely popular ones such as Amazon and YouTube.

The ability to also track Amazon searches makes this tool a great choice for e-commerce and retail websites. 

Plus, you can track an unlimited number of different websites although your keywords will remain capped unless you upgrade your plan.

The pro plan will also unlock other super helpful features including access to ProRankTracker’s white label app so you can check your rankings from your phone and the aforementioned on-demand updates. 

It is a shame that a lot of ProRankTracker’s best features are saved for their pricer payment plans, but this does open the door for an untapped client in the market - agencies.

Thanks to the agency level with automated reports, further customization and white label features, a lot of agencies prefer to opt for ProRankTracker - but smaller businesses usually look elsewhere. 


  • ProRankTracker is a super affordable SERP tracking tool that is great for businesses on a tight budget to still access the same great features found with other competitors. 
  • It’s easy to scale your way up the payment plan options as each level is priced reasonably and competitively. 
  • It also tracks English-centered search engines like YouTube and Amazon, making it a great choice for e-commerce and retail websites and businesses. 


  • Some of ProRankTracker’s best features (such as on-demand keyword ranking updates and access to their MyRanks app) are locked behind their higher priced payment options, meaning that those who opt for the starter plan are missing out on some great features. 


Nightwatch.io is a well-known name in the market for SERP tracking tools.

Although they have their ups and downs, everyone who uses or has used Nightwatch.io to monitor their keyword rankings knows that it is one of the best when it comes to tracking and reporting. 

In general, it is a SEO tool that features a range of different options but its rank tracker (lovingly named the Rank Trackr on the software) is super strong and effective in what it does.

Plus, to access this amazing SERP tracker, you only have to pay an affordable price - which makes this software good value for money and high in quality.

The rankings also track through a wide range of search engines including Bing and YouTube so you can gather more intel to help improve those SERP results. 

For the same cost you can also access the range of other SEO tools available on this software, meaning that you can also find new ways to help improve and expand your business’s website.

There is also a keyword function to help you plan your content to improve your SERP results, white label reporting, high visibility to help you see your website’ performance overall, and you can also create customized graphs to help you understand your reports with ease. 

Nightwatch.io is also super user friendly with a great main dashboard that can be customized for further improved user interface.

This is why a lot of new and smaller businesses opt to try out Nightwatch.io as their first SERP tracking tool - it’s easy to use, affordable, and gives you access to so many great tools. 

So - where’s the catch? 

Well, Nightwatch.io is currently missing the on-demand rank updates that we love so dearly.

Plus, while they do track search engines like Google and Youtube, some noticeable names like Amazon, Baidu, and Yahoo are also missing.

Elsewhere, it works great but we would like to see Nightwatch.io stretch out a bit further when it comes to search engine tracking because we know this can only improve their clients results - but for now, we have to make do with what is on offer. 


  • Nightwatch.io is a great tracking tool for SERP thanks to its great Rank Trackr software, plus it keeps its prices reasonable to stay competitive with other SERP tracking tools. 
  • It’s also great for SEO services including keyword research, so you can access a range of different uses and functions all through one monthly cost. This makes it a great SERP tool that is good value for money. 
  • It also features one of the most user friendly dashboards, making it a great choice for new businesses trying out SERP tracking for the first time.


  • Unfortunately, Nightwatch.io is currently missing some of the best ‘quality of life’ features such as on demand rank updates. 
  • It also doesn’t track some key search engines like Baidu and Yahoo, although it still offers a good range with search engines such as Google and Bing.


Wincher is often referred to as the ‘less advanced’ version of AccuRanker but we think this can be a bit of an unfair complaint.

On its own, Wincher is a great SERP tracking tool that has all the basic features you need for a fair price.

Yes, it is missing the extra trimmings that other SERP tracking tools feature but this is balanced out by its affordability.

This means that for small and new businesses who are on a tight budget, Wincher is a very good alternative that gets the job done for an accessible price.

On the surface, it is very basic. It does have the keyword ranking and reporting features that you need for a SERP tracking tool to function.

The dashboard is also nothing to scream about but it’s simple and easy to use, making it a good choice for those who perhaps aren’t familiar with SERP tracking just yet. 

One feature that Wincher does have, however, that makes it a real contender is its integration with Yoast.

This means that for smaller businesses that use the WordPress platform, SERP tracking will be much more streamlined.

This is a great feature because a lot of businesses often start out on WordPress so you  can use Wincher as part of the stepping stone towards building your business into something more independent. 

There’s also automated email alerts so you can stay on top of your dips and highs during the day and have reports emailed straight to you for a complete rundown of the day or week or month.

If you want white labeling, however, you will have to upgrade to the business tier of Wincher’s plans. 

So, Wincher is not really the most ‘exciting’ SERP tracking tool but it gets the job done for a great price and has some bonus features on the side that could be really useful depending on facts like your website’s platform or how often you want to stay on top of your rankings.

It may be a ‘less advanced’ version of other SERP tracking tools but it’s dedicated to its purpose and helps make SERP tracking accessible to smaller businesses until their business grows to a place where more expanded SERP tools would be more useful to them.  


  • Wincher is a solid SERP tracking tool that ticks all the boxes when it comes to functionality. 
  • It’s basic user interface makes it really easy to use and navigate, making it a great choice for those who are new to SERP tracking and keyword ranking. 
  • It’s also very reasonably priced, making it competitive against other SERP tracking tools, even though it may not match up in terms of features. 
  • Wincher is also integrated with Yoast, allowing for a more streamlined process for WordPress users. 


  • Overall, Wincher doesn’t offer a lot in terms of features. There’s no on demand ranking updates and or additional SEO features to help with keyword research - but if it’s a SERP tracking tool you are after, then Wincher has that area nailed down. 


Most SERP SEO Scout tracking tools limit your rank tracking by only allowing you to monitor and rank a certain number of keywords per month.

If you want to rank more keywords, then you have to update your plan to one that costs more. 

SEOScout, however, doesn’t follow this model. Instead, it breaks the mold by offering its clients unlimited rank tracking with no keyword limits.

How can it offer this when other SERP tracking tools can’t? 

Because it works in an entirely different way. In actuality, SEOScout doesn’t track your rankings but instead pulls position data by connecting to your Search Console account.

This means that it can highlight pages and keywords that pick up or drop in traffic.

It even offers other kinds of insights including showing you pages with low click through rates. 

To some businesses, this is a totally different way of SERP tracking that can be beneficial because you are not limited in your keywords.

Instead, SEOScout’s pricing goes up depending on how many sites you want to track.

This means that those who want to track multiple websites at once can do so by opting for some of the more pricey plans - but smaller businesses that want to track three sites or less can do so with unlimited keywords! 

Not only that but SEOScout does offer useful features alongside their pricer payment options so you are not just paying more for the ability to track more sites.

You will also get access to SEOScout’s content editor, A/B testing functions, and site audits.

If you just want a SERP tracking tool, then everything you need is available on the base SEOScout plan so there’s no need to upgrade. 

The downside to using SEOScout is that their method of tracking comes with a few days of lag - meaning that you won’t be able to find out the rankings until a few days after the data is complete from your Search Console account.

This can slow down your efficiency but some businesses think that it’s worth it for the unlimited caps. 


  • SEOScout breaks the mold when it comes to SERP tracking thanks to its unusual methods of pulling position data rather than actually tracking rankings. 
  • This means that they can offer unlimited rank tracking with no limits to keywords! 
  • Upgrade your plan to unlock the ability to track more websites, making this tool a great one to choose if you run multiple sites at once. 
  • Additional features such as A/B testing and content editing is only included in SEOScout’s more expensive plans but everything you need for a functional SERP tracker is available in its base plan.


  • Unfortunately, SEOScount’s unorthodox tracking method does mean that there is a delay in reports. That’s not great if you want to keep on top of your keyword rankings at all times. 


Probably the newest entry on our list of best SERP tracking tools is Zutrix.

Although this tool hasn’t been around nearly as long as some of our other entries, it’s still managed to make some huge ripples in the SERP tracking pond. 

It works great as a SERP tracking tool, plus it has some additional features and functions to help with other SEO areas.

For example, they also have a Keyword Lab to help businesses with their keyword research.

This means that you get a bit more for your money by choosing this SERP tracking tool and as a result, this makes Zutrix a good choice for any new online businesses that are only starting to dip their toes into SERP and SEO research. 

Another great way Zutrix works great for new businesses is their easy user interface.

Everything is laid out nice and cleanly on your desktop, making it easy to navigate and find all the features you want to use. 

But probably the feature that surprises (and impresses) a lot of business owners is the notifications feature.

This means that you can allow Zutrix to run in the background while you work and you will have instant notifications whenever something noteworthy happens - it’s just like getting a message notification on social media!

However, some people can find it annoying so think carefully whether this is something you think you can actually benefit from or if it will be more of a hindrance to your work. 

Price-wise, Zutrix is neither super affordable or flinchingly expensive. It just kind of sits in the middle so not too expensive but amazingly cheap either.

However, it is worth noting that the scalability of Zutrix’s model means that if you opt for the more advanced plans, you pay less per keyword you track.

So, it may be more ‘affordable’ to opt for a higher plan so you can track more keywords for a lower price each. 

So, Zutrix may be new to the SERP tracking tool scene but it’s got off to a great start and has already turned the heads of many clients who are quick to praise this tool’s efficiency and ease of use. 


  • Zutrix has everything you need for a great functioning SERP tracking tool and more with its handy Keyword Lab that can help you start out with your keyword research. 
  • The user interface of Zutrix is also highly praised thanks to its simplicity and clean design. 
  • Some users love the notification feature of Zutrix which allows them to stay on top of tracking updates immediately while working. 


  • The notification feature can be overzealous and you may find it to be pretty annoying after long periods of time. 
  • Zutrix is not an amazingly affordable SERP tracking tool but it’s also not the most expensive either. However, its pricing may still push it out of range for businesses who are on a tighter budget.


Finally, we have come to the last best SERP tracking tool on our list - SERP Robot. 

Honestly, SERP Robot can be a bit of a mixed bag but especially if you are using the free version.

The free version of SERP Robot is usually used by businesses that cannot afford to pay for a SERP tracking tool but while it’s okay for on demand ranking checks that you do yourself manually, it’s not the best for tracking over time. 

It’s very basic and even when you receive the rankings, you are just informed of the URLs of the ranking pages with no additional information. But hey - it’s free! 

The premium plan for SERP Robot is a bit better as it contains more details in the form of annotations and notes, you can set up scheduled reports emailed directly to you, and it allows you to track all kinds of search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The paid plan is still pretty basic compared to its competitors but there’s no denying that it’s probably the most affordable option out there for start up businesses. 

Although the UI is not much to look at, it is functional but hopefully SERP Robot will be planning on updating the look of their software.

There’s no bells or whistles at all in the form of additional features to help with SEO research or analysis - it’s just a very basic but functional SERP tracking tool. 

It may be an unusual choice to add to our list of the 9 best SERP tracking tools when it has next to no additional features to offer but for a lot of new businesses who need a super affordable SERP tracking tool,  then the paid plan for SERP Robot is easily on of the best of the most affordable tools out there to try. 


  • SERP Robot covers all the basics when it comes to SERP tracking so you can use it to find out and monitor keyword rankings. 
  • There is a free version although it is not the most reliable - but if you are stuck, it works fine for on demand rankings. 
  • The paid plan is very, very affordable which helps make SERP tracking more accessible to all kinds of businesses no matter their budget. 


  • Unfortunately, SERP Robot’s paid plan offers very limited additional features. While it contains more information and data than the free version, there’s no SEO tools to help with content creation or beyond. 
  • The free plan of SERP Robot is not recommended for long use of tracking because of its unreliability.

Our Buyer’s Guide For SERP Tracking Tools

So, those are our recommendations for the nine best SERP tracking tools to use to help monitor keyword rankings for your business and SEO research.

If you are wondering what factors we considered when deciding which tools were the best, then here are all the things we looked at when researching these various SERP tools. 

Check out the areas below and keep them in mind when researching for your own SERP tracking tool. 

Price Plans and Ranges

The first thing you need to do immediately is set yourself a budget. There is no point in spending funds on a SERP tracking tool that you cannot afford.

Of course, the more you pay, the more you get - but you need to set yourself a price limit for your monthly or yearly bill so you don’t go overboard. 

You should also check out the pricing structure for each SERP tool you view.

You will likely want to stick with the same tool even as your business grows so when you are ready to move up to a more expensive (and thus more professional plan) you can!

Some SERP tools will have ranked tiers that can jump massively in terms of price, while others will have smaller price differences from word cap to word cap. 

So, think about how much you want to spend, how frequently you want to be billed, and how quickly you think you will need to step up your SERP game to keep your business growing at a good rate. 

Number Of Monitored Platforms

The more platforms and search engines your SERP tracking tool monitors, the larger audience you are going to reach. 

As a result, you will obviously want to get a SERP tracking software that tracks more search engines other than just Google.

Some will also track other popular search engines including Yahoo and Bing, but some will even track popular search engines in specific countries such as Baidu for China.

Some such as ProRankTracker even track Amazon searches so think about what audience you are trying to reach and which search engine they mainly use.

This means that depending on your business, you can get away with just relying on keyword monitoring on a single search engine - or find a SERP tool that covers many at the same time.

Update Frequency

The frequency of your SERP tracking tool’s updates is a super important factor that should be right at the forefront of your mind when searching for a new SERP tracking tool.

The more frequently it updates, the more likely your keywords will be in terms of relevancy and the more successful your SERP ranking will be. 

As a result, we would recommend that you get a SERP tracking tool with daily updates.

If your software also offers on-demand SERP updates, checks, and refreshes then great!

However, some SERP tracking softwares only updates every few days and in these cases, we would definitely recommend you look elsewhere. 

Reporting Features

Different SERP tools will also offer you different ways to view your findings.

This ‘reporting’ can range from methods including easy to view graphs to more in-depth options for you to view.

This means that depending on how familiar you already are with keyword rankings, you can find the best SEO reporting options for you. 

Most businesses love SERP softwares that report using visual images such as graphs with adjustable metrics, as they’re easy to understand and quick to get through. 

It’s also worth noting that some SERP tools will even automate summaries for you so you can keep on track of trends over longer periods of time rather than relying on daily checks yourself.

So, this is another handy reporting feature that you will want to look out for to help make your SERP and SEO monitoring more streamlined. 

Tracking Features

Finally, we have come to the final section in our buyer’s guide - tracking. 

Tracking is pretty much a guaranteed feature with SERP tools these days and almost all will allow you to track both desktop and mobile tracking individually.

However, if you want to really get down to the nitty gritty details when it comes to your website’s ranking, then you may want to consider going with a SERP tool that allows you to see your ranking in more localized areas. 

This works great if your business is more aimed at a particular geographical area.

If your website is linked to an event happening in a specific city, then you won’t be too concerned where your website is ranking across the globe.

Some SERP tools will allow you to refine your rankings for specific countries, cities, or states.

AccuRanker can even show you your rankings for specific ZIP codes, allowing you to see street by street tracking. 

So, think about how detailed you want yoru tracking to be and if it is relevant to your business’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SERP tool? 

A SERP tool, or SERP software, allows you to track and analyze the top results that appear on search engines when you use certain keywords or phrases.

Businesses use this kind of tool to find out which keywords are more relevant to try and outrank their other online competitors by including those ‘relevant’ keywords into their content, snippets and tags. 

By researching these keywords, businesses can improve the ‘relevancy’ of their websites and their content, thus making it more likely that they will climb up the search engine results pages and attract more visitors to their websites and business. 

How do I track my SERP? 

A lot of SERP tracking tools and softwares will help you keep on top of where you and your website ranks in the results pages for search engines.

However, others are better adapted to monitoring the relevancy of keywords.

This can lead to a lot of confusion regarding which SERP tools are best for your business. 

Above, we have discussed the best SERP tools for monitoring keywords and their rankings.

If you are looking for a way to track your SERP ranking, then you may need to look for a different type of SERP tool. 

What is the difference between SEO and SERP? 

These two terms are often mixed up in digital marketing and online business but they actually refer to two different things. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process businesses use to improve the relevancy of their website and content to certain searches and queries on search engines.

SEO research allows businesses to work out which keywords they want to include to try and reach the top of the results pages of search engines, beating out their competitors and taking a larger chunk of the market. 

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. This is the page you see after you type in a query in a search engine and press enter.

It’s common knowledge that most people who use search engines only click the top few results and very rarely even check the second page. As a result, every website wants to appear on that first page. 

Why do SERPs matter for SEO? 

SEO and SERP research and analysis go hand in hand when it comes to trying to gather more exposure and traffic for your website and by proxy, your business. 

A website with poor SERP means that they are lower down in the search results rankings, meaning that they get less clicks and less revenue than those websites with higher SERP rankings.

So, businesses put a lot into SEO research because using relevant keywords is what helps their websites improve their SERP ranking and generate more revenue. 

So, without these, a website and business can be doomed to fail. 

Justin Shaw