How Does Google AdSense Work?

Google is one of the world’s most wealthy and powerful companies, despite being only a few decades old and making most of its money through the internet.

The reason it is so wealthy is because of the advertisements that are allowed across its services.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

These advertisements are managed by a system known as Google AdSense, which has come to be a key service for those who make their money through the Google advertising system.

From large companies to individual content creators, thousands use Google AdSense and millions see the adverts for it across Google’s platforms.

However, to the average person out there, Google AdSense might seem a little confusing. How can an advert service run through a company that is primarily a search engine?

How does Google AdSense work? Well, that is what we are here to answer.

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is basically a system that allows you to monetize any form of the website you own through Google.

They do this by having adverts displayed in the empty space or on different areas of your website and when a visitor to your website views and clicks on the adverts, you get paid commission.

A good example of this would be a small website or a blog that is run by an individual.

When you go to that website the content will normally all be in the middle of the page with the header, footer, or sidebars of the page filled with adverts.

These adverts are not in the way, but always in your eye line, and though they aren’t always adverts that are put there by Google AdSense, the majority are due to the program’s popularity.

Google AdSense does have pretty strict rules that both publishers and advertisers must adhere to, otherwise their AdSense account may be suspended.

These rules though are generally about not inflating your commission or Google’s impression of the advert’s success by clicking on your own advertisements.

If you just leave the adverts alone and just upload to your own website, Google is pretty happy to keep you on.

For those who wish to learn the program and try to get a passive income out of it, it is a simple and legitimate form to make a little extra cash on the side.

Who Can Use AdSense?

There are three conditions for using AdSense as a way to make money. The first is that the AdSense account holder must be 18 years old.

This does not get lower no matter where you are in the world, so if you are 16 or 17, then sorry, but you can’t make money this way yet.

The second condition is that you have to own a website or online platform. This is just so AdSense has something to work through, as getting AdSense without a website would be absolutely pointless.

Who Can Use AdSense?

The third condition is that that website that you own has to adhere to Google’s and AdSense’s terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are ones that Google uses across most of its products, with the focus being that websites that do not meet these terms and conditions can still appear on the search engine, but they can not make money from Google.

The types of websites that are barred from AdSense are things that are violent – either towards an individual or a group – hateful or using hate speech – either towards a person or a group – or are oriented around an adult theme.

Although, the last one may not be abhorrent, Google is a family-oriented company, and they do not want to appear to be associating with adult themed content.

How Do You Make Money From Google AdSense?

Generally, there are two ways in which Google AdSense can make you money on your site. The first way is through clicks.

Basically, an advert will appear on the free space on your site, and you will be paid if your visitor clicks the advert and gets connected to the advertiser’s website.

The second is through something called ‘Impressions’. Impressions are basically the impression you make on your website user base, and it is the same idea as visitation.

Getting paid via impressions is getting paid based on the amount of page views the page or post with the advertisement on gets.

When you want to use AdSense as a publisher or the owner of a website, you can log in to your AdSense dashboard and use the system to generate a specific code.

This code will be matched to your specifications of size and type of advert you want to place on your website.

You then place the code where you want the advert to appear on your website, and Google will generate and place the ad for you.

Google uses algorithms and AI technology in line with its user base to generate the best kind of advertisement in line with your considerations.

What this means is that AdSense’s system will target visitors to your site with adverts that focus on their interests.

For example, if they have searched for games on Google in the past, a game advert will appear – if it is in your consideration.

This makes visitors more likely to click on adverts on your site, which will make you money. Even if the visitor doesn’t click the adverts, they will create an impression just by visiting which will make you some money, if not as much.

If you want AdSense to work optimally, then you should constantly update and review your website, so you can create a loyal user base that will keep coming back, which will help you generate money.


Google AdSense is a way for publishers and website owners to make money from their sites by filling their free space with advertisements that Google sorts and manages.

It is an incredibly good way to make a passive income and all you have to do is to keep your website up to date and review it every one or two months.

Justin Shaw